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In the spirit of Dragon Quest, comes simple yet fun traditional J-RPG, full of secrets and treasure. *WARNING: THIS GAME IS NOT EASY*


Open RPG maker VX games in ACE

I started using RPG maker VX but then discovered Ace. I already have a lot of content in VX, i was wondering if there was a way to open up games made in vx in Ace. or is ACE just too different.


Airship on world map in XP?

In rm2k3 you can have an airship, because it's built into the engine. However, if I'm using RPGmakerXP, how would I get an airship on the world map using that engine?

Copying Temp file error (when making game disk) [rmk2k]

I'm using RPGmaker 2000


Here's a screen shot of the error. I'm unsure how I got this.

I'm not sure what do to, My last guess is to unistall the game maker, but I don't want to affect my game project, is there anything else I could do?

I'm on a vista.

RPGM2K Game Save File Question


I was wondering if it was possible to use a save file from an older version of a game (using RPGM2K), to a newer version of a game.

I download game v1 from the site, then I play the game some and save my game. Well I hear that creature updated the game to v2. Could I go back and download v2 and take my save file from v1 so I don't have to replay the game?
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