Dusty Tome is a tiny, indie game studio, established in 2012, consisting of a ragtag band of computer engineers/programmers, writers, gamers, an intern, two guys with fabulous speaking voices, and Clouder.

Together we'll learn about the trials and tribulations of game design, the meaning of life, and the joy of childhood, all while creating an unseverable bond and discovering how not respond when you find a dead guy decomposing in the woods on a hot summer day. Or something like that. We forget the details.
Your Everyday Average Role Playing Game - A Dusty Tome Tutorial



Remnants of Isolation

Congratulations! So where do you go from here? Surely this is just the beginning...

YEA RPG Review

Wow~! Thanks for such an amazing, detailed, and complete review!

It can be hard at times to get feedback, so we appreciate reviews of any type. We are especially grateful to receive a full review, and we can't be the only developer who feels this way.

So, thanks again, for being a reviewer. We're glad we could entertain you and hope we can continue doing so!


Thanks, all, for the feedback! As pointed out, we have made the game available without the RTP in the download section.

Thanks, and Enjoy!


Hey, sorry for the late response:

@Tabris666: Thanks for the advice! As far as the talking, it's a little heavy because it was meant to be a sort of tutorial for newcomers to RPG Maker games (and RPGs in general). While a seasoned veteran would find it dry, perhaps a bit boring, we hoped our humor spiced things up a bit for you. As far as the RTP, we were thinking that people who downloaded the game wouldn't have the RTP, but we think you're right, especially here on RMN. We'll try to upload a RTP free version when we can. Thanks again!

@Icepie22: Yes, we did program in something if you manage to die a third time. You'd have to try really hard to do so. We don't want to spoil it for others if they want to figure it out on their own, but here's a little hint: Hurty Water is your friend. :) Thanks for playing!

You Are Not The Hero!

Congratulations on getting funded! As a fellow RPG Maker VX dev, we hope your game will change the way people think about commercial RPG Maker games.


That's fine, we understand the confusion. There are some stock maps in RPG Maker that we took and modified. Seeing as the game was parodying common conventions in RPG games, we figured having familiar stock maps drove the point across.


Yep, that is correct. It's Clouder's favorite FF, so we had to let him have it. (He doesn't have much to be happy about)


Heh, no, that's just our resident angry Goth, Raven. She'll be very upset that the comparison was made. ;)


Thanks for the feedback!

We are trying our best. This is our first game where we have custom sprites in. Ultimately, we'd like to get away from using the RTP and just have our own sprites. Unfortunately, we're still a ways away, I admit, but we'll keep working at it.


The idea here is that it's a short hallway leading to a door to the big room in the back. I can see how it can look like it's floating. Do you have any suggestions on how to still do the short hallway to the door?
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