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The Lost Demo
Tactical fantasy RPG set out in the desert.



The Lost Demo Review

Thank you for this review! I really appreciate you taking the time for it! You make some strong points, and as you said, many things have been looked at and will be further developed/polished (or have already been revised as I've been pumping out lots of updates lately).

I understand I could potentially burn myself by not taking traditional paths on how to approach certain stuff. I'm in a long process of figuring out how I could get it just right for the masses, and I've got the feeling that I'm going the right way.

Thanks again and good to read that you had fun!


The Lost Demo Review

I would recommend waiting longer. I'm currently pumping out a lot of new content together with lots of polish.

Story feels, grammar fixes, smoothening of gameplay, tweaking of mechanics, new content, and many other things will really make it worthwile.

I hope to release a finished beta version of the full game near the summer of 2021 for testing purposes.

You guys (testers, feedbackers, revieuwers, etc.) really made this game into what it eventually will be!

The Lost Demo Review

Thank you very much! And especially for playing through the rest of the game, it gave me many insights in what to add/change.

I just want to point out for the readers that many things have been changed since the start of this playthrough. Even the battle mechanics have been tweaked considerably.

I hope all of you reading this will become excited and interested in the product.

Next year I will be starting the promotion of the game in several stages as we draw closer to the release at (hopefully) the end of 2021/beginning of 2022!

Let's Try The Lost (Session 9) {END}

Nice dude! Posting all these episodes here. I appreciate it!

Just for the peeps watching, I changed many things, especially on this session as it has a LOT of alpha/beta footage. These parts of the playthrough are also NOT in the demo. If any would like to play this rough part already, you can message me to tell you how you can play it. But be warned, it is alpha/beta stuff.

Let's Try The Lost (Session 1)

Thank you for playing, and for all people watching this; This game is in beta development with the demo being out there for testing purposes, things will (and already have) changed and much more is coming as feedback is still pouring in!

The next update will have a ton of polish regarding the new systems and balance/AI tweaking.

Looking forward to see how fair and hope everyone playing will enjoy themselves with this game!

The Lost Demo

september the 1st is out,whre the full version without blackscreens in some parts XD?

Sorry because of real life and Corona and my work in health care the date has been set to end of 2021 and not 2020 anymore.

The problem with black squares around some icons should be fixed in this re-release of the demo though :)

The Lost Demo

Right on! I love the custom artwork. There definitely needs to be more serious RPG maker games like this!

Thank you!

I just updated the game if you ever care to play it :)

The Lost Demo Review

Update has been added!

Full heals are cheaper:
- Inn = 50 Gold (when you finished the side quest there)
- First area heals = 70 Gold
- Second area heals = 100 Gold
- Third area heals = 150 Gold
- 4th Area = free heals at your own base once you get your own 'Inn keeper' or at the well in Dokta when you've fixed it.

- Downed the Damage of the mini boss and the boss in the cave a bit, downing the chance further to one shot a party member when it has full health.

- Changed the trading post sign color.

People reading this revieuw will know that it has been updated this way.

The Lost Demo Review

Thank you for your time and review, I appreciate the feedback given!

I'm sorry you experienced some delays here and there, I don't know where they came from but haven't had any players telling me that yet. Hoping it won't happen for future players.
- Will look into the suggestions made and will be worked on for the next update!

For the next update:
- Made the vines in the cave a brighter color, they also pop out now as I put a really small lighting effect on them.
- Upped Regeneration rates: TP- From 2 to 3% | MP- From 4 to 6% | HP- From 4 to 5%
- Downed the % chance of the book mini-boss.
- Added counters/trackers to the quests where you need to kill a certain amount of enemies.
- I'm not sure yet what I want to do with the inn/healing spots in the game. Cutting the cost is easy but I want to have some sort of balance in it for early/mid-game. This will need a little bit of tinkering but will be added for the next update!

- Still looking for a grammar checker. It's hard to get a fully committed person to do it. Thank you for pointing out those typos! They will be changed with the next update!

Thanks for the great score of a 4/5 for the demo in this state!

The Lost Demo

Proud to announce everyone reading this that the demo has reached a 'finalised' state meaning only minor things will change from this point on that will most likely not be noticed by anyone.


I hope you all enjoy it and let me know through rating or feedback what you liked/not liked about the game!
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