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The Lost Demo
Tactical fantasy RPG set out in the desert.



Let's Try The Lost (Session 9) {END}

Nice dude! Posting all these episodes here. I appreciate it!

Just for the peeps watching, I changed many things, especially on this session as it has a LOT of alpha/beta footage. These parts of the playthrough are also NOT in the demo. If any would like to play this rough part already, you can message me to tell you how you can play it. But be warned, it is alpha/beta stuff.

Let's Try The Lost (Session 1)

Thank you for playing, and for all people watching this; This game is in beta development with the demo being out there for testing purposes, things will (and already have) changed and much more is coming as feedback is still pouring in!

The next update will have a ton of polish regarding the new systems and balance/AI tweaking.

Looking forward to see how fair and hope everyone playing will enjoy themselves with this game!
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