Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



I don't really go out much. And sometimes I'm happy to just be inside my own bubble. But sometimes I get this fleeting feeling of total isolation.

That's just the Introversion acting up again. It'll cool down in a few.


For the record, I would also be okay with "Dy was here too" (⌐■_■)

To be honest, even just "DY" scrawled somewhere obscure would make me giddy :D


Crystal stealthily prepares to dive bomb the Swan.
Damn bird thinks it can just swim in her lake >:(

Phantasia Gaiden

That's why I always say to change the name of Phantasia 6 to something like Miriam Phantasia. The sequel number is daunting to prospective players, who often want to start something from the very beginning.

Durance of Magic

Back in Production. Nice!
I see that you put an update in your game page's description, but I had to look for it. That's what Blogs are for.



After Ten Years of inactivity, Arcanion will return as something completely different.

Out with the (Old), and in with the (New)

What are you thinking about right now?

I require more motivation. Why can't they invent Motivation Juice? Or some kind of needle-injected Motivate™?

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Anime/visual novel/Chracters/CG

I'm going to ask again :3
Are you able to draw unattractive characters? Like, characters with less than 9 Charisma scores? Or someone you'd see picking a fight with Kenshiro in Hokuto no Ken? Fat dudes? Hooked noses? Facially deforming scars? Those sorts of things?

Phantasia Gaiden Review

Yeah, I was going to comment on the multiple enemy aesthetic too. Here's a sample.

psy's SaGa 4 : Masters of the Demon World did the same thing, although his looked more organic since it wasn't confined to the restrictions of RPG Maker 2k.