Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Swap in the Middle with Two

I'll only consider joining if someone has the guts to put Sim RPG Maker 95 in their list >:)

It looks like Ozzy's chosen to take the plunge, proving he's a real man. Any others?


So is he wearing flesh-colored pants, or is his package really a slight breeze away from being completely out there?

Chris Ferguson

I just stumbled on this via the Random Screenshot, and I noticed how the game was added in 2013, 'Updated' 13 minutes later, and then zero activity for over 5 years.
Just... wow.

Censorship and Security Paradoxes

"Going too far" is completely different from being a nutcase with political opinions.

Except that he was banned because he went too far, not because he's a nutcase. What is it that you don't understand?

Spotify's statement is that he "expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics." A month or so ago, Jones addressed Robert Mueller on his show, imitated firing a gun with his hand, and said "You're going to get it, or I'm going to die trying."
I'd say that corroborates Spotify's statement.

Censorship and Security Paradoxes

bulma, you need to take a seat.
Citing the US Constitution as it relates to criminal indictments is totally irrelevant and just puts your ignorance on display. A Facebook ban is not a criminal act anymore than an RMN ban is, nor does it warrant any kind of judicial inquiry. Every website, and every bricks and mortar business too, has some rules in place that must be observed, be it an official TOS Agreement or just a "No shirts, no shoes, no service" sign.

Lots of people have been banned from RMN because they went too far. Do you have a problem with that too? Because it's the same thing.

Anything Else? A Question for the fans/players.

More importantly, did you ever change that title screen so it doesn't say "Dragon Fantasy Remade" anymore? :P

I have 4269 Makerscore and can never contribute ever again

Oh, sorry Timmy, but you need 4270 Makerscore to live.
pulls trapdoor lever

Censorship and Security Paradoxes

Last I checked, companies are required to abide by laws and business practices.

Except that the Constitution and it's Amendments aren't applicable to companies or individuals. They're restraints on the Federal government itself.
If you're going to try using Free Speech laws to support your case, please at least understand how they work.

Anyway, this stupid thread should have began and ended with the second post.
From the Infowars terms of service:

It is not censorship if you violate the rules and your post is deleted. All civilizations have rules and if you violate them you can expect to be ostracized from the tribe.

Seems like they, and you, can't handle being on the receiving end of discipline over a rule violation.

And by the same token, of course they're going to kick and scream "Censorship!". Infowars thrives on the idea that the truth is being suppressed.

Censorship and Security Paradoxes

So far, all I've heard about is how "my hero" (don't care about the guy, except as a sign of things possibly to come) is bad news, and no honest discussion about the other.

Because there is nothing else to discuss. This isn't a censorship issue. You keep raising the specter of government suppression, but this is not a matter of free speech. It is speech suppression strictly by private companies, which is well within their rights to specify that certain topics will not be tolerated. I think every single one of us holding a job can vouch that political and religious discussion is forbidden in our lunchrooms (even though we often talk about them anyway). The same is true for hate speech and discriminatory remarks.

the fact that four or more companies made a coordinated (same day, guys) remove on a single user speaks volumes.

Indeed, it does. It begs the question "Just what did Alex Jones say to get everybody up in arms at the same time?"

I know from firsthand experience that he often lets his tirades get the better of him, and that he's called for violence against "the globalists" more than once. Technically, "the globalists" is an unspecified group of unidentified individuals, but it is nonetheless a call for violent action and constitutes an incitement of violence.

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Anime/visual novel/Chracters/CG

Having observed your artwork for a couple of years now esther, I feel like there might be some limitations to what you can do.
You have a fantastic talent for drawing attractive 20-30 year olds, but how are you with other age groups? I never see you draw children or younger teenagers (~12 year olds), nor do I see any older folks with wrinkles and gray hair or baldness.
And how about unattractive characters? Crooked noses, double chins, beer bellies, etc...