Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



If u work on ur game for 1 year, but u spent like 7 months idling, will i say "I've worked on this for 1yr or 5 months"?

Been working on Valor Emblem for 10 years :|

PS1 Classic, anyone?

I thought this topic would be about Phantasy Star 1 x_x
I'll excuse myself out the back door now.


I guess it IS still legible, but... eh. Maybe it'll look better in fullscreen mode.


That font is atrocious :( It reminds me of the RM2003 font when you didn't have the right one installed.

Video of Up-to-date look

College sucks anyway. Drop out and work on gam.

Voter Fraud

Some sketchy video of god-knows what's going on is grounds for alarm (The recorder even says repeatedly "I don't know what's going on here"), but shit like moving polling places outside the city, 1km from the nearest bus stop is A-okay.
You also don't seem to have a problem with American Indians being thrown off the voter rolls because a recent law requires them to have a residential address (they live on a reserve).
Georgia's electoral system outright rejected abensentee ballots in the name of purging the rolls of dead people, an action which could have been done any time, but was initiated shortly before a critical election.
That's just the tip of the iceberg. Nevermind the smaller scale bullshit with power failures taking voting machines down, too few machines causing absurdly long lines, paper ballots affected by humidity being shelved overnight, calibration issues on touch-screens, and ballot shortages galore.

Voter fraud is a chimera. It doesn't exist. The idea that someone votes in one riding, then drives to another riding and uses fake ID to vote there too is not only preposterous, but it would have a negligible effect.
Vote fraud is very real, and that's generally what's going on when voters are turned away or rejected.

Pst... Hey, I heard you like NES RPGs? (New game in the works!)

Will *BUMP* be returning?

4 Reviews in One Day

Damn, you're a beast.
Three and a Half Stars Mountain will rightfully belong to you soon ;)

Who is Vincent Valentine?

From what I hear, he's a very good chef.

The Featured Game Thread

No dice. Games have to be tagged as Completed to be featured, and I don't think Bob is done yet.

I'm going to go rogue and suggest an oldie-but-goldie, Chocobo Panic : Space. It's a simple puzzle game, but is aesthetically phenomenal.