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How would you rank the NES / SNES / PS1 Final Fantasy's in increasing difficulty?

The PS1 Final Fantasy's problem is that they were during the era when battle animations were absurdly long. People don't have that kind of attention span anymore, and even going back with our nostalgia-tinted glasses requires an effort. For that reason, I would recommend FF5. The gameplay is consistent, not too difficult, the job system is fun, and the cast is likable enough. The plot isn't much, but it does have it's moments and this is babby's first game so who cares. If she wants to play more FF after beating it, cater to her tastes then.

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Merry Christmas

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It is possible... (っ ͡ ͡º - ͡ ͡º ς)

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When I was brand new here, one of my first attempts at contributing to this topic was suggesting Chocobo Panic Christmas. I was promptly laughed out of the thread. This was back when we still had Feature'ables like Desert Nightmare and Star Stealing Prince available. Have we reached that lower level of the barrel yet? Will Chocobo Panic Christmas have it's day?

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What exactly is and isn't allowed on this site when it comes to rips in our games?

Why do people even think they need to rip?


Looking for a short, easy rpg with a lot of really good dialogue to feel passionate about.

You're pretty much describing Eternal Paradise. Very simple gameplay, no puzzles that I remember, fits within your 8-hour window, and lots of character interaction.
If you like it, you can give Chronicles of Tsufanubra a try. It's by the same gamedev, though it leans closer to 10-12 hours.

I also +1 the Villnoire recommendation.

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[RMMV] Should I Make My Game Commertial?

[RM2K3] [RM2K] Good ol' classics that I can play and download

I don't see Final Fantasy Endless Nova or Romancing Walker on that list.
Aurora Wing is a TRPG made in 2k. I love it, but then I love most all TRPGs.
Eternal Paradise is a good one by prominent game maker Ephiam. You've already played Chronicles of Tsufanubra, I see.
Phantasia 5 is solid 2k3 goodness, though buggy. Don't worry. You don't need to play 1-4 first.
Lastly, Legend of Heroen is one of my favorite 2k games.