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Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



Fire RMNblem Review

Okay, I think I probably tagged a variable incorrectly somewhere, but if this is the first I'm hearing about it and it only affected you one time, I won't worry too much about it.

Looking forward to your video series. Will there be a point near the end where you cycle through your roster, showing their stats/items? I always like to see how other people built their teams.

Fire RMNblem Review

Thanks for the review, lobo. Glad you mostly enjoyed it.

Regarding the bugs, if you tell me which Graveyard it was, I can probably pinpoint and correct it. Troubleshooting in Sim RPGMaker 95 is easy. As far as Excalibur goes, it's impossible to make it hit 100%, but maxed accuracy is pretty close. The Target would need 17 Skill more than the Caster just to get a 2% evade which is pretty outrageous. Mind you, I forgot about Terrain bonuses. Ze Deass up there is a high Skill Swordmaster standing on a +30 evade tile, so he had the right stuff going for him.

Kikumaru's Beach Adventure Review

Nice. Thanks for the review :)
In my defense of the title screen typo, that was there in the original Kikumaru's Adventure. I only added "Beach" after font matching. Notice the size of the a in Kikumaru and Beach are different by a pt.

Fire Emblem 6 - TILoRtQatQfP Review

Thanks for the review. Yeah, I whipped this up in 4 hours so it's understandably terrible. I was also still learning the engine.

The reason the enemies in the first map didn't attack was because Marcus was the only one in their range at any time, and enemies don't attack if they're going to do 0 damage. If you moved the rest of the posse forward, it would've been slightly more of a slugfest.
And for what it's worth, I learned from the Marcus-in-a-short-game experience and removed him in the quasi-sequel Legend of the Mystical Deer.

Legend of the Mystical Deer Review

Thanks for the review :D

The First Aid bug has been fixed. That particular unit wasn't supposed to have it. It just got left over from a ctrl+C/ctrl+V job.

Legend of the Mystical Deer Review

Thanks for the review, Irog. You're way too generous with that Star rating :P I added a Comedy tag as you suggested.

Was it really that difficult? x) I need to learn to dial things back a bit. It's worth noting that if someone dies, they return as-was for the next map. I probably should've mentioned that in-game though.

Phantasia Gaiden Review

Yeah, I was going to comment on the multiple enemy aesthetic too. Here's a sample.

psy's SaGa 4 : Masters of the Demon World did the same thing, although his looked more organic since it wasn't confined to the restrictions of RPG Maker 2k.

Tactics Blade: Episode One Review

White Magic Review

In that case, I have no choice to but to look into Villnoire, do I?

That's right. You don't!

Villnoire Review

A bit of a heads up : The graphics aren't custom. They're from an ancient resource pack called First Seed Material, also known as Mac and Blue.
LWG did do a buttload of edits and reworkings though.