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The Featured Game Thread

+1 for SaGa 4. It's very underappreciated.

Need Phantasy Star Resorse

Aww shucks, redwall. You've been around for awhile. You should know better than to post in the wrong forum.

Make your own. It's easy and fun. Spriter's Resource has everything ripped already, making half your job easier.

President Trump

Okay, my optimism for the future just took a stimpak.
Saturday's Women's March may be the largest demonstration in North American history, and there were a number of international demonstrations too. Kudos to London England, the world capital of oligarchs, for mustering over 100,000.

The nice thing about this is that once people participate in a demonstration for the first time and experience what it's like, it becomes easy to participate in the next one. Going forward, hopefully we'll see the appropriate mass strike responses to all the inevitable nightmare legislation coming down the pipe from this administration.

What I'm saying is that public school is a sham (seriously, how does America stack up with the rest of the world? are we in a dead heat for second-from-last yet?) and private school is a military academy. Which one do you think works best for the parents and the student? Itchy uniforms and asshole teachers or remedial classes that grade on a curve?

Yeah, the No Child Left Behind Act did a number on the public education system as a whole. We have something similar in Canada, and it produced a nephew of mine who, in grade 5, still could not read. We were playing Diablo 2 back then, and he couldn't tell the difference between "Strength" and "Vitality".

On another positive note, the NCLB Act was overturned in 2015 and replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act. The big difference is related to our recent Betsy Devos discussion because under NCLB, schooling was practically ruled by the Federal Department of Education. ESS gives most of the powers over to the States, conveniently just in time for this witch to assume power. Thank you very much, Obama!

The rate at which 'RMN is Dying' is directly proportional to how personally dissatisfied you are with RMN

"RMN is Dying" is just the way people express their personal dissatisfaction with RMN. It's no different from saying "that movie sucked" or "FoodX tastes like shit".
But if the reported cases of personal dissatisfaction with RMN are on the rise, isn't that indicative of a problem?

The Old and the New (Facesets Continued)

dyhalto please. he was using ff6 & rudras tiles and you think that made it dark & gritty?

No. I was thinking it was dark & gritty on account of the game's summary and all the elaborate details put into characters, the bestiary, the newspaper clipping events, et al. It's the stuff of a game more likely to follow a politically driven logical storyline and less likely to be a series of fetch quests in order to defeat the dark god. Usually those kinds of games avoid the bubbly smiled pink and purple hair folk.

Anyway, the whole thing will be a package deal in the end anyway. We have no idea what the new sprites and tilesets will look like yet, so what the heck am I on? Feld and Joe, forget I said anything. My comment was too in-the-moment.

SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World

I downloaded and played it a few months ago, and it looks like it's the same download. MSE didn't flag it as anything, and both my desktop and laptop aren't acting strangely. I'd say it's okay.

The Old and the New (Facesets Continued)

I'm with Libby. My big caveat is that Joseph's colorfulness completely undermines the gritty dark fantasy you've been going for all along. His artwork is outstanding, but it's just the wrong stuff for the wrong project.

President Trump

Isrieri, you're hoping for pie in the sky. What you're describing is the Libertarian utopia that'll magically emerge if we can just get government out of education.

The goal should be free, compulsory, high quality education. And by high quality, I mean to the point that private schooling your child just doesn't make any sense. If you're not campaigning for that, and you're hoping the free market will ever solve anything, then human civilization will be taking a thousand year step backwards.

e: I've heard of Friedman voucher approach. It won't work. Even if the voucher is worth $7000, a year of private school is well over $10,000. It's still far too much for the average family. All it'll do is be a bonanza for people who have their children in private school already.

President Trump

Ditto. I'm sick of tired of hearing "So Trump becomes President this Friday. Whaddya think?" It's depressing, and I'm really pessimistic about the next four years. Moreso over the Republican dominance of everything than Trump himself. Trump, I think, will be put on a leash soon.


I'd definitely say those guys are all...

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