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Valor Emblem
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P6 Blog #6 Need a title screen now

Why not get your artist to put something epic together for you? He/she can assemble a cool ass character montage like Ninja Scroll or Suikoden.

[Poll] Let's Talk About Phantasy Star

I played Phantasy Star II in 2005 or so and it still blew me away, storyline-wise. The endgame plot twist was way ahead of it's time and it really cast a shadow of moral ambiguity on the protagonists.


I'm not going to make any Resolutions whatsoever, at all, and that's how Valor Emblem is actually going to be finished this time.

P6 Blog #4 Almost ready for a demo!

'Return of the Gods' is awfully cliche.
I'd go with something more personalized to this particular entry in the series. It could include a person's name, a place, or a prominent theme. Mirian Phantasia. Aeon Phantasia. The Girl from Phantasia.
Oops, no, don't do that last one.

Alternatively, you could add a generic word to differentiate this new entry (plus future entries?) from the original series. Legend of Heroes Trails. Contra : Hard Corps. Der Langrisser. Tales of Phantasia.
Oops, no, don't do that last one.

RIP Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you, always.

She was in other movies too, y'know.

P6 Blog #4 Almost ready for a demo!

Coolness. I won't mind if the final product winds up being a 30-40 hour epic.

Some food for thought; Have you ever considered dropping the 6? People generally prefer entering a series from the beginning and such a daunting number might discourage a few prospective players.

So what kind of hentai do you guys like?

/me gives a serious answer.
/me has to leave RMN

Going by prices, Switzerland seems to be the final level

Oh, I get it.
I suppose that because it's also a mountain town, we might need an airship to reach it.

Going by prices, Switzerland seems to be the final level

I don't get it though. 「(゜。゜)」??
What's the joke?

What is your favorite Christmas-themed movie?

What does the second one lack?

Hmm... now that I think about it... Nothing :D
I think the first one just benefits from being the trailblazer.