Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
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Acts of Random Kindness Day [GO!]

Does saying "looks good" on a random image count?

Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

In Wizardry's case, a Speedrun might be the better alternative.
Damn, all this talking about it is making me want to actually play the durned thing again. Map making on graph paper and all.

Hooked on Phonics

Game is 25% complete.
Database is 80% full.

Searching for a H-game called [MISERY]

Hi I'm 12 and what's an H-game?
It certainly doesn't stand for Cap_H-games.


theres alot of H-games that are actually very expertly made and written

Haha, yeah. I played Nocturnal Illusions for the story and ambience/immersion. No joke.
And Nightmare Sphere for the awesome gameplay. It's more of a "There is also H" game though.

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who played True Love to death either.

Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

Dyalto, I think anyone beating a Wizardry game should get like a fucking crown that hovers over their heads all the time - their heads permanently wreathed in an otherworldly divine light.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Searching for a H-game called [MISERY]

Try asking at ULMF. This is pretty much all their site exists for.

Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

I never did beat Dungeon Master. Yeah, Dungeon Master.
Or Wizardry : Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord for that matter.

Otherwise there's a whack of NES and Arcade games I never beat for impracticality reasons. I'm talking Bubble Bobble and Might Bomb Jack type stuff. Ghouls and Ghosts is in there too.

fuck RMN amirite?

I like the part with gams.


Are you drunk?


Those bandit-types look pretty cool. The whole cast does.
You almost done this game yet? x)