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Less than 24 hours, and countless amounts of people are losing interest.

Are people supposed to be locked in disbelief forever?
Don't be silly. Even mourning comes to an end eventually. What comes next is up to each individual. Go back to quietly living your life and hoping politics doesn't affect you too much, or realize the dire straits you're in and be ready to get active or get radioactive.

President Trump

Craze's jam with you is on a personal level, harm. Don't talk yourself into thinking we're all a bunch of sore loser liberals around here.

But geez, there's also that. All the gloating we're going to have to put up with for awhile. Everybody thought it would be a Democratic washout. Even Trump himself, as he desperately tried suing Nevada during zero hour. This victory is like their Thermopylae.

President Trump

Unless Trump gets caught in bed with a dead boy a Republican congress is not impeaching him.

It's the Congress I'm afraid of.
Trump will probably be relegated to what Bush was. "Here's a toy. Now go play while the grown ups discuss grown up topics."

President Trump

What are you thinking about right now?

Just keep in mind that it's only 4-8 years. It'll feel like forever but it will end eventually and even the President has limitations to what kind of bullshit they can do, so he can't exactly destroy everything in one fell swoop.

It's actually not the presidency alone that we should be worrying about. The GOP took everything. They'll even be able to stack the Supreme Court, and we can look forward to more rulings like "corporations are people" and the Voting Rights Act having unfair "racial entitlements".
And the Republicans know their voter base is on the downslope. They're going to do everything they can to restrict the right to vote in the coming years. I made a prediction a few pages ago that if the Republicans won everything, America won't have fair elections in 2020. I'm standing by that.

President Trump

Yeah, sad but true Kaempf. I used to think Australia was the laughing stock, what with Tony Abbott for awhile there, but this is sickeningly low.

I figure the US will be knee deep in Iran and Syria by 2020. Probably at odds with Russia in a potential nuclear holocaust too, because of their Syrian presence.

President Trump

Life will go on. Congress can keep him in check for the next 4-8 years.
The GOP owns the Congress.
Nobody is going to keep him in check.

Funnily, I thought I would be one of those arrogant people who would boast "See?! If only you'd chosen Bernie! The DNC dug it's own grave," etc...
You don't have to be arrogant to say that. This whole election cycle just goes to show how corrupt the DNC is. If Bernie had won the nomination, they would have taken everything in a landslide (ok, the House is still debatable). Instead, he played wingman like Ron Paul did for Romney last election, doing everything he could to make sure he didn't actually win it, and now the entire world will get to suffer for his, and their, payoffs and deal-making.

It's still mind boggling that the polls were so wrong. Like, unprecedentedly wrong. Something else must've been going on behind the scenes on the last day.

What are you thinking about right now?

Pondering whether or not to invest some money in the American construction sector. Someone's gotta build that wall...

You'll be wanting to invest in a Mexican construction company then.

What are you thinking about right now?

The GOP controls the Senate and the House. I don't think it matters who gets the presidency now. Western society is on the downslope, and the Chinese will own the next century.

What are you thinking about right now?

244-210 Trump atm.
I'm legitimately getting scared :|