Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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my fucking clothes got stolen

This is your chance to revive an old fashion staple.

The tests are over and everything is set in motion. Time. To. GAM MAK!


*stares at a computer for ten hours*

What are you thinking about right now?

A robot must never oppose an OCP officer.

You guys are right. I need to retract what I said there.
My train of thought at the time was on how virtually all issues are binary, with one side being represented by the two paradigms : Left and Right. Gun Control and Pro-Choice go Left, while Gun Amnesty and Pro-Life go Right. It wasn't so much the parties but the idea of voters selecting... bleh.
It's a flawed idea and it's wrong. So yeah, I got ahead of myself. My apologies.

I started my computer and the mouse is half the speed it used to be. I tried adjusting the mouse sensitivity, and nothing about it changed. What the hell!?

Were you changing the double-click speed instead? I've done that before.

What are you thinking about right now?

until we escape the bipartisan system (put more than just clinton and trump on the debate stage, thanks), "one vote" means you can vote for whoever the rich people have decided gets to run for those votes, if you want your vote to have any meaning whatsoever

Bipartisan is pretty much how democracy will always work. There're only two major paradigms : Left and Right. Everyone else either places themselves relative to the major parties (Libertarians are right of Republicans), or run themselves strictly on an ideological framework (Green Party).

you might want to have a look at the democratic index buddy because america aint shit

I'm not talking about the country's state of popular involvement. I'm talking about the system in place. The branches of government, the court system, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the electoral process, and most importantly the many levels of checks and balances.
For example, one of the most effective and yet simplest qualities of the US government is being able to directly elect the President, irrespective of the party system. It's one of the reasons Lincoln was able to save the Union and FDR was able to thwart fascism is the US, despite house and senate dominance by the "bad guy" parties of the day. Parties are generally easier to control if you have money, whereas the Executive can simply say "I won't be bought."
In fact, the concept of a directly elected powerful Executive is so hated by oligarchs, the rich, the 1%, whatever you want to call them, that they brought about the 22nd Amendment in reaction to FDR's four consecutive wins. No other office in the US government has a term limit.

Let me ask you this: Do you think the people that make up the majority of a democracy, the middle and lower class, has any real power in Murrica?

They have all the power.
What the middle and lower classes lack in our modern time is organization. Historically, unions have represented both classes, but they've given themselves a bad name with a lot of selfish and gratuitous demands over the recent decades, particularly the public unions who've held vital services hostage. Now the everyman's ad lib reaction to them is "F'n lazy unions!"
Remember that the rich still require the poor and middle class to vote for their candidates, and they achieve this with a degenerate education system, union busting, and rampant cultural pessimism.
Which is why Norway is on top of the Democracy Index.

What are you thinking about right now?

Well, there's always actual democracy (which Murrica isn't).

Murica has the most sophisticated democracy in our time. It's the Westminster system that's backwards.

If I had to identify, I'd probably be closer to Libertarian ideologies

I went through a Libertarian phase once. Needless to say, I went through it, and never looked back.
You would do well to dump it like a ton of bricks too.

What are you thinking about right now?

The DNC is a corrupt establishment

It pisses me off that Bernie could have completely annihilated Hillary with the email scandal back when people still gave a hoot, or by calling her out on her Libyan debacle, but chose not too. I'm of the mind that he was playing wingman to her all along, kind of like how Ron Paul did for Romney back in 2012. Basically, he absorbs the not-Hillary votes and throws them in the garbage because he has no intention of winning.

On the bright side, the view for America's future is actually optimistic. Two major things are likely to happen. First, the Republican party implodes in on itself. We're already seeing the process begin, with Republican officials distancing from or outright attacking Trump. It'll accelerate as some of them start moving Left because that's what the electorate wants, and the hard Right will denounce them as turncoats. Second, the Democratic party will split into two pieces. One half will be the DNC we know and love which represents Wall Street, and the other half will embody the values that're starting to bubble to the surface. Wall Street Sales Tax, Fight For 15, Medicare For All, 0% Interest Student Loans, that sort of stuff.
And by extension, the non-Americans among us will benefit because all roads lead to Rome.

But this is assuming the Republicans don't get control of all branches of government, pack the Supreme Court with fascists, and dismantle the democratic system in a way which gives them a permanent Republican governance.
That's why this presidential election is so critical, and not to be poo-pooed with fancy pants "protest votes" and shit.

From the Confucian Analects : When confronted with a populace, first make them prosperous, and secondly educate them. Then self-government becomes possible.
Basically, democracy requires a material basis. Starving people can never be free people.

What are you thinking about right now?

It's my honest belief that if Trump wins, America won't have fair elections in 2020.

Nevermind Trump's intellectual and moral bankruptcy. The Republicans currently control the Senate and the House. If you give them the Presidency too, they'll have an unfettered ability to act out their fetish for "fighting vote fraud" which is just a thinly veiled means of obstructing the right to vote, particularly against minorities and the poor. Given the demographic shift of the US away from the dominance of blue collar white men and Evangelicals who make up their base, you can't really blame them.

Hillary's a repugnant person, but she's run-of-the-mill corruption. She'll be four more years of the new boss; same as the old boss. At least with her, there'll definitely be another chance in 2020.

And I hope people have enough good sense not to waste their vote on dipsticks Johnson and Stein, or some dopey "protest vote" nobody gives a shit about.

This is thinking way, way, way ahead, but Chronology is coming out this year. How would you guys feel about a remake in a more powerful engine some time later? More to come, but tell me what you think.

author=Feldschlacht IV
Because then that'll require me to make compromises with the plot that I just don't want to do.

Totally fair. There's a certain degree of epicness (in scope, not awesome) that a story can go before sequels and prequels only do a disservice.
Looking forward to seeing what it is.

This is thinking way, way, way ahead, but Chronology is coming out this year. How would you guys feel about a remake in a more powerful engine some time later? More to come, but tell me what you think.

Why? Storyline reasons? You could always do something in the same world, taking place at a different time, or just go with the disconnected Final Fantasy method.

What you're suggesting doing with a remake is taking the existing game and souping it up. That's fine and all, but if you're going to do that, why not do it as an official sequel? It'll be like your Terminator 2 to CotLE's Terminator 1 : Superior in every way. Then there'll be something new for everybody, and people who played the original can look forward to familiar names and places.