Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Anime/visual novel/Chracters/CG

I'm still pretty useless, but I'm glad to see you still haunting this place. Someday, I'll start something worthy of your skills ;D

Professional Freelance Anime/Manga Concept Artist for Hire (High Quality)

It all looks fantastic, bud. I especially love that you have no qualms with drawing gigantic busts. By that, I mean character busts like in VNs.
Your actual busts are nice too.

What kind of rates do you charge? Do you have a fee schedule, or are you still in a kind of winging-it-on-prices stage?

Does anyone actually LIKE sewer dungeons? I really feel like I should scrap this whole dungeon :_:

Final Fantasy Adventure/Seiken Densetsu made me love sewer dungeons.

It had a unique flavor to it for the time, what with all the flowing waterways, bridges, treasure on other sides (so close and yet so far), and the tension building knowledge that this is only the beginning (of the entire Dark Lord's Castle dungeon).

And then there're sewer dungeons like in Legionwood, where the water turns to lava as soon as you enter >.>;;

So I dunno.
It's like any dungeon, really. Do it right.


A woman as fine as this doing something as plain as "gathering flowers"? Something ain't right.
Access denied >.>)p

Unless certain favors are performed >8D


The correct quote is "There are some who call me... Tim"
But if you're personalizing it, that's cool too :P

Shattered Wings

Goooood...... gooooooood.......


I don't have anything witty to say (do I ever?), but here's my Sprite anyway.
You have to use the 'Fixed Graphic' animation type to make it show properly, and Switches to change what pose he's in, but I'm sure an old hand like you already knows the tricks.

Mystic Quest: Remastered

Shit, son. This looks alright. Subscribers +1

Working on a New RPG