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Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



Monster Hunt

This link to your Dropbox is really awkward. Why don't you host the download on RMN's servers instead?

Roll in the MP3s!

Don't forget to change the game's Engine to RPG Maker 2000 instead of Tsukuru.




Managed to beat Vagrant Story. The final boss is no joke. Time to now play it over and over like I do with Dark Souls.

Congratulations. That boss is no pushover.
Vagrant Story is one of my favorite games <3

MW Underground: What's New?

Excellent news. I'm just glad to see this game still going after all these years :)

What Is Love

Legion Saga

This is something I'll probably sink my teeth too soon, sequels included >x)

“Introducing New Oreo Thins,” the cookie that nobody wanted

This old advert is once again applicable.

Anime for someone who doesn't really 'like' anime.

Great Teacher Onizuka is mandatory. I've never met anybody who said it was overrated, let alone didn't like it.

Try the first two episodes of Kaiji. It's about gambling and psychology. If you like what you see, it only gets better (except for a brief crappy 2nd gamble). But again, it's not for everybody.

Still at 12%. Shoot me.

On Gameplay, I don't think you should remove respawning enemies completely. Some players are just irredeemably terrible and will need to grind out of necessity. If anything, I'd make it so the enemies only respawn if you leave the dungeon map entirely, returning to the overworld. In the case of something like the pirate's cave, respawn them when the player goes to the beach.

On Writing, you're doing fine ;P I'm readily available for second opinions anyway, and so are others.

Also, wasn't Percival going to be a playable?