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Online Censorship

I know none of us like to be drawn out of our escapist hobby here at RMN, but this is something everybody should watch, period. It's a subject that directly affects the future of the internet, the nature of free speech, and is whole magnitudes higher in severity than the EU's Article 13.


It's hosted on bitchute because youtube (Google) keeps taking the video down.

In summary, Google is deliberately manipulating their search algorithms to hide certain news and content. The video includes a bald-faced admission by Google's Head of Responsible Innovation stating that they intend to directly interfere in American elections going forward. In her own words in the video, they "wanted to be ready by 2020", and when the recent antitrust action is mentioned, she says that it shouldn't happen because Google has the resources to "prevent the next Trump situation" (ie. the victory of a candidate they don't desire).

Even if you don't have a problem with conservatives and the right wing being censored today, you should still take issue with the idea that a major corporation is able to steer the national discussion at it's own behest. The way censorship always works is that it starts with one subject of controversy, then easily moves to another subject because the apparatus is already there. Whose to say that, five years from now, Google's next CEO won't take a hard fascistic turn and directs the algorithms to promote his own ideas?
This affects us all. North Americans, Europeans, Asians, everybody. Share the video. This can't be allowed to go unopposed.

'Game Length' Specific

Let's add an extra field to the gamepage sidebar that shows an approximate playtime. It can use a dropdown menu with options like...
Less than 1 hour
1-3 hours
4-8 hours
10-20 hours
20-50 hours
50+ hours

And then incorporate it into the Search as a possible filter.
Obviously there's a huge backlog of games that don't and will never have the field filled out, but so what? If it's not started sometime, it'll never get done.

Make America Post-Apocalyptic Again

100 years ago to the day marks the US entry into World War 1. Woodrow Wilson, despite running for a second term as President on a platform of "I will keep us out of the war", began pushing for war with Germany within a month of his inauguration. Yes, an anti-war candidate ran on an anti-war platform, and then declared war immediately upon being put into office.
Sound familiar?

Trump never really said "I won't start a war", but he did campaign on Hilary being the warmonger and him not so much. And yet, within 3 months of taking office, Trump has officially started a new war.
The most egregious part of it is, unlike the Iraq War where "the case was thin" for Saddam having WMDs, the Trump Administration is making NO effort to prove the recent chemical attack was conducted by Assad. They're simply saying it is so, and the incompetent, feckless media is reiterating it ad verbatim.

It's actually pretty normal behavior for an authoritarian regime, when failing on it's domestic policies, to start trouble abroad in order to draw negative attention away, as well as benefit from a Rally 'round effect. With his two travel bans, his Obamacare repeal, his tax cuts for the rich, and his wall; all debacles and foulups, and his approval rating at one of history's lowest for a President's first 100 days, the candidate who Wins is grasping for at least one victory.

It's known by everyone paying attention that Syria's military bases are populated with Russian military guests, helping them to defeat ISIS. If the Russians take some hard casualties during a bombing run or missile strike, we're looking at full blown World War 3 with all the possibility of going nuclear.

Oh, and it looks like the Republican favorite for the Supreme Court, Gorsuch, is on track for confirmation, forming up another decade or two of 5-4 reactionary majority. It'll be Scalia 2.0. Corporations are people, guys. You don't have the right to vote.
We are entering dark times.

CHERRY - Another Full Screen Mode w/ New RM2000

I was playing Chronicles of Tsufanubra, made in the recently released official version of RM2000, and it was jerky and unplayable in Full Screen mode. It runs fine in Windowed mode though.
After downloading and using your AnotherFullScreenMode program, it solved all of my full screen issues for about 20 minutes. After that, the screen display fades to black. The game is still running, since I can hear menu SFX as I mash buttons, but about 2 or so minutes after the fade, the entire program then crashes with an "OUT OF MEMORY" dialog box.

Any thoughts?

S. 897: Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act

I think a few people here might be interested in this, particularly ones taking on loans for post-secondary education.

It's a bill proposed by senator Elizabeth Warren that will lower the Stafford student loan interest rate to 0.75% instead of the current 3.4% and soon-to-double 6.8% from July onward. The genius of it is that it's done at no cost to the taxpayer*.
In its current form, it only affects Stafford loans for 2013-2014. For one, it shouldn't be limited to just that timespan, and two, it shouldn't be restricted to Stafford loans only. Because the corrupt political establishment is largely against it, it'll need a lot of democratic action to not only get passed, but to be amended so that it includes all student loans.

To Americans, this is where you might want to consider becoming politically active for the first time in your life (or stepping it up if you're a veteran).
Consider the difference between 6.8% and 0.75% on a $50,000 loan (phDs can go >$100,000). That's ~$3000/year just in interest. That's car payments for a year, or several months rent, or even just more beer and video games. How many work hours will you have to put in just to make that annual interest payment, nevermind working down the principal? Try putting those hours into some kind of meaningful activism in order to get this thing through.
The most basic form would be to simply talk about it. Raise the discussion on other forums you visit. Talk about it with family and friends. Talk about it at work. Etc. The more people who know about it, the more popular it gets. It's an idea that immediately appeals to almost everybody in the country, as long as they "get it".
And to non-Americans, the idea of low interest student loans will spread worldwide if it happens in the US. All roads lead to Rome, and today the US is Rome.

At the very least, open a new window and get acquainted with what I'm talking about.

*Technical jargon: The bill proposes to use the Federal Reserve Discount Window to finance the Stafford loans. Currently, technically-bankrupt zombie banks enjoy the exclusive right to borrow money at 0.75% interest to keep themselves afloat via this window. In the way the bill works, money would go from the Fed, to the student loan agency, to the student. The student would then repay the student loan agency, which would repay the Fed. This leaves the taxpayer, and thus the budget and T-bill issuance, completely out of the picture.

What opens this?

I'm looking for a drawing program that can open this.
*.GEM is an ancient graphics format. This shit predates Windows 3.1. Even Deluxe Paint can't touch it.

Any of you better-equipped artists/spriters able to open this thing?

Oh Yeah!

This is a very simple request.
Does anybody know of a game with an "Oh Yeah" graphic in roughly the same vein as the one below? Alternatively, can someone with spriting skill make me one? x)

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