For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
Legends Of Illarion 2: S...
Prequel to the RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion: A desperate goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, leading to a future of conflict between the Younger Gods.



You keep saying I have no games, BUT WHERE ARE YOURS? WHERE ARE THEY? I DON'T SEE 'EM!

You misunderstood. What we said was "You ain't got no game!" *finger wag*


DO NOT touch -Willie

I wonder what it's like to have friends?

Having friends will make your game over 500MB or something like that

So I hardly go into a shame spiral anymore over Befuddle Quest 7 whenever it is brought up

He's too ashamed to ask, or accept

So I hardly go into a shame spiral anymore over Befuddle Quest 7 whenever it is brought up

Most of the shame spirals have closed down. Have you tried going to a humiliation helix instead

Can we all just... chill out?

How much lore should you find in a university library ?

You specified that this library is going to be EARLY in the game. If so, then too much lore definitely runs an extremely high risk of being ignored or just being completely meaningless to the player. They probably won't care or find the lore as interesting as you the writer.

They are much more likely to enjoy or care about reading lore if it's much later into the game and lot of interesting things have already happened. Then they might actually be interested in finding out more details about various things in the world, once they have more context.

[RM2K3] variables and conditional branches

Also, I just checked, and when you set a variable's value, the name should be shown. You have named it milk clearly, but it's not showing up on the red line when you set the variable. Can you show a screenshot of the actual variable being set in window?

Edit: Yeah you need to use "single" instead of "variable"

[RM2K3] variables and conditional branches

Use the text message command and hover over it see text codes you can use. Use the one to display variable to see what value it actually has at each stage. Something like:

-not sure how this was related to a day/night system, but did you maybe copy a system that is already automatically using variable #1? Have you tried using a different variable?
-try starting a new game/save file
-try starting a brand new rm2k3 project

[RM2K3] variables and conditional branches

If page 2 of the girl isn't showing up at all, then page 3 is overriding it because page 3's condition has been satisfied.