[RM2k3 - DynRPG] - DynVarStorage (by-name variables, arrays and more).

2012 by EN.I

Iorana everyone... (sorry for my bad english)

I want to show you a DynRPG Plugin who i've created. His name is DynVarStorage.

And ... what is DynVarStorage?

Basically, DynVarStorage is an external by-name variable manager plugin for DynRPG - RPG Maker 2003. You will obtain a secondary variable storage (apart from default RPG Maker variables and switches), referenced by name (and not by number as RPG Maker does), and with dynamical management (you can create and delete variables anytime), like most programming languages. Also it will support Array and Matrix data types’ management, giving more flexibility in game making. This will make making engines a lot more easily, as well, gives more power to create new experiments and prototypes.

-Secondary variable stock, independent from RPG Maker ones.
-By-Name Variable management. (You can get a variable "Hello" instead \v(0003) : Hello)
-Manage variables dynamically (Create-delete variables on the go, as you need it).
-Support for one and two-dimensional arrays (Put many variables into one, like programming languages, like "Hello").
-Saves/loads variables automatically when you load/save a game.

DynVarStorage was a plugin for DynRPG patch, from Cherry; this patch allows you to create plugins for RPG Maker 2003 and manipulate many features of a game. You can obtain more info in the main thead here: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/10254/.

How it works
DynVarStorage works apart from RPG Maker variables, so, you will need to “communicate” the plugin and RPG Maker itself. How? Setting and getting variables (like a database). This can be done with “Insert Comment” RPG Maker Event Command. By this way, you can give orders to DynVarStorage, like creating variables; get actual values and setting new ones, for example. A typically command of DynVarStorage looks like this:

<>Note: @DVS_GET_FROM_ARRAY “hero_hp”, 3, 1

@DVS_GET_FROM_ARRAY will be the command, who will get a value from a array variable (“hero_hp”) in a given index (3), and it stores its value in RPG Maker variable . (1).

By this way, you can communicate, set and get values from and to DynVarStorage variable set, using only a few RPG Maker variables “like a variable buffer”, ready to use. With DynVarStorage and RPG Maker you can do many things that do programmers to do things (for example sort and search algorithms implementations, graphs and tree’s emulation, and much more), with RPG Maker conditional and Cycles.

For example if you want to set ascendant values 1~10 to a 3x3 matrix, you can do this event script:

You can download DynVarStorage from the links below. It comes with the plugin, the documentation, an small demo game and the source code, if you want to peek how it works.


Direct Link: http://elsemieni.net/eni_stuff/DynVarStorage_v1.0.zip
Mirror (CherryShare): http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-6794/dynvarstorage_v10.zip

(Don't forget to download DynRPG before applying it to your project)!

Note: I don't know much C and C++ programming, so I know my code maybe it's not 100% efficient, and maybe somewhere in the source there will be silly lines. Anyways, any commentary o suggestions are welcome.

Hope you like it. Any comments will be welcome.
Maururu... bye.
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