extreme disappointment
Save the day



esby reviews no emojis

since i have everybody's attention

vote for bernie

esby reviews. no, emojis!

esby reviews no emojis

thanks for reading

What's the Worst RPG Maker Game You've Played and Why

this one's for the ladies...and pretty weird...and maybe a little gross

how did you manage to out do bulma

i don't know whether to be completely horrified or impressed

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

hello it is i ghost esby
i've risen from the grave to protect piano
#lynch odd

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

i killed ozzy night one because it's what you and gourd taught me

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

why are you dummies voting for me when piano is scum

just night kill me if you want rid of me

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

i did not consider my vote would be fractured

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

nothing in the rules specifies that i can't vote to lynch more than one person, i'm surprised none of you have thought of this strategy yet

hey! literally what is even happening??
i'm winning