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I'm E(liza)beth and I like pancakes, sleeping and making games. I like cute stuff & trying out new things! My favorite games are Ace Attorney, Hyper Light Drifter, Dishonored & Yume Nikki.

I'm a game designer & artist (pixel & 3D). I'm also trying to get better at programming in C#. I've worked with/work in Rpg maker 2k3 & Ace, Bitsy, Twine, Unreal & Unity.

Sometimes I write articles/tutorials & make resources.

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RMN Tagline Thread

we must seize the means of rpg making

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Anyway this was super fun! Totally fell for Cave's fake claim & watching everything burn while chillin in the deadchat was delightful! Thanks for possessing me Demonlord!

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Times up!

[CHAIN GAME] Tales from RMN: A horror anthology game [SIGN UPS CLOSED]

Sign me the flipity flappity UP!!

What are your thoughts on blood and gore in RPG Maker games?

Subtle is better imo. A strategically placed blood splatter is more ominous and interesting than a whole room covered in blood.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Oh jeeze I forgot about the tie thing. I'll move my vote to Ozzy if it gets a lynch.


#Lynch OzzytheOne

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

I have no clue what Shinans trying to get at/do here. I'm gonna go with my gut/deductions and

#Lynch Dudesoft

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

So you think the eye has the potential to lie but it wasn't lying about you???

Cus dude, of the eye was lying you're scum.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

* I misremembered, the eyes just said you were Town. It's an alignment check not a role check.