Herro (again)

Alright, schools out for summer and I now have time to pay attention to all your games now. This place has improved a lot since I was last here I have to say, I was beginning to wonder where all the game-making faces I knew had gone and then I looked on this site and here you all were. I've added RMN to my firefox bookmarks bar now so you'll never get rid of me. That thing is like crack cocaine.

I'm gonna make a start by playing Sore Losers and Iron Gaia Virus as they are two games I have never played but the cyberpunk genre greatly appeals to me.

I am not sure I will attempt to get back into developing games, but one thing I do now is make a lot of music. Here's a track off the album I am slowly throwing together so you know what I'm on about.


I can also be talked into making music for your productions given that I like you. Otherwise you can give me money for beer and I will like you and thus compose you your music.

But yeah anyway, what's new? Anyone had a baby? Visited the grand canyon? Possibly even set fire to themselves?

lots of love from crumply/ed/whateveryouwannacallme xxx

Happy Birthday Kenton

Just dropping in to wish you a good day buddy :)

A farewell I guess


Just like to decline from contributing here because I am going to continue my 3d game tutorial at GW. I think what WIP said in Steel's topic about him having cancer is pretty low and I don't really want to be seen as associated with that. Feels pretty wrong to be a member here given that situation.

I'm not waging war on your or anything, some people I quite like frequent here (kenton, brandonabley) you are really swell guys. I guess I'll see you around on the interwebs.



There was a really simple SMF mod you can apply that shows users with their colours in the topics and on the board index. I am a bit flabberghasted by a shitload of things all the same shade of turquoise really close together in a small font I think it should be made more user friendly in the meantime, before RMNv81 is released.

ed + ps3 = happy ed


I broke up with my ex, so seeking new love I went into town and bought a Playstation 3 with GTA4.


So, what other games should I get?


WIP read this you peen


I was looking at the source of the mainpage and I noticed this:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "[url]http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd[/url]">

You should probably change the doctype to loose/transitional and then it might work better in browsers. You'd be surprised.

I am not like pro-IE or anything, they just have it on the PCs in university and that's the only thing we can use.

Life post-june 2008


If you've been within a small radius of my posts recently you've probably have noticed bitching and whinging about exams.

Good news, they're gone June 10th and I can make games again.

What do I want to do then?
> Here's my idea.

I have mentioned time and time again that a videogame of The Day of the Triffids (wiki) would be absolutely fantastic if realised as a roleplay game.

This post functions as an advertisment to those who would be willing to get involved with the project - if you've read the novel or you even if you like science-fiction horror get in touch.

Contact me by email or MSN Messenger: zeepop AT gmail.com or simply reply to this topic.

I would love it if there are other people who would like to get involved. A brief warning though - I would be hesitant to jump in and make this game in RPG Maker. With a bit of extended planning this could be something a lot more.



PM icon should be more evident/blink

The clue is in the title. Where is my uncle WIP anyway?


Yeah, they get all caps from me.

The Slip

The link is here: http://dl.nin.com/theslip/signup

Haven't listened to it next but it's a free download from their site.

Mummy's boy

Painted this for my mother

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