The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD

As of very recently, all quests have been removed from the Unofficial Squaresoft MUD! An excellent change - now players are freely allowed to talk about anything they want to about the game, and the endgame jobs aren't locked behind nonsensical riddles. Now is a great time to try out the game if you haven't before!

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

There was nothing wrong with Sated's review. Can you no longer be critical on RPGMaker? And the weirdest thing is that it was deleted 3 years later...

Momo Bomber

I'm not far, but something I noticed when doing the platforming section above the spikes in the first level. The character doesn't stick well to the blocks, and will often be thrown off without even moving (on the horiziontal moving ones), or bounce up and down when moving on the vertical ones.

Soul Shepherd

Two years later...

RIP soul shepherd?


I don't have much time to play so I won't finish this for a while I feel... but I'm really liking it so far!

- Character writing is pretty good. I like how the main characters at least have a distinct personality without being overly simplistic.
- Interesting storytelling framework. A story within a story!
- All those minigames! Lockpicking of course is right from Manifest but pickpocketing, fishing, mining, and all the puzzles of course are cool. I don't like mining as much, but maybe that's because I just haven't figured out a strategy for it besides guessing.
- We need a way to Page Down in the glossary, too much scrolling (or maybe it already exists, idk)
- I like how stealth and backstabbing is rewarded so much.
- Never used crafting yet, but I may try it in the future.
- Walthrough and item guide are awesome. Thanks for doing that again, gonna be extra helpful in my 100% run.
- Bosses are surprisingly interesting.
- Combat stuff feels kind of clumsy but I think that's because RPGMaker isn't really suited to this type of game.


Looks interesting! I'll play/stream it, and if I like it hopefully make a full LP since it seems that it doesn't have any yet.

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

Yes, if you're wondering why, Starlite Worlds got DMCA'd. Download is gone, gamejolt is gone.
Not really a surprise I guess.
I had better not link it but there are still two good way to get this game if you want to play it.

President Trump

Keep in mind, if Russia did what they accused them of doing (likely), all it means is that they revealed the crimes that Hillary Clinton did by hacking her. The crimes were legit, and the people of the people of the US still decided to vote him in. People are acting like Putin rode into the USA on his bear and voted 1,000,000 times illegally for Trump.

President Trump

Honestly, I'm not so worried about a Trump presidency. He probably won't get anything of significance done, and his proposed appointments to Supreme Court aren't radicals. Trump doesn't know what he's doing - he was just a response to some of the crazy ideas from the left, not a politician at all.

The worst part of all this is that the "alt-right" now seems to be accepted, or becoming mainstream. And those people are not good news.

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