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To someone who has the power to do so, can you please remove the part of 3d functionality from Sphere's engine page? That never got very far, and isn't supported well. Also, I am creating a Java applet version of Sphere that can (or will be able to) run in a browser. This will most likely end up replacing (or rather becoming) the next version of Sphere, because it is currently in development hell.

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Ska fans?

So, ska is my favorite genre. Is it anyone else's, too?:D If it is, what's your favorite band/song?

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Java objects and javascript

For those of you that know java, I'm somewhat new to it, but I know a pretty good amount of javascript. I'm trying to use javax.script to eventually create an applet reimplementation of Sphere. My problem is, I can't seem to create javascript objects out of the java objects. I believe I have to do something like
ScriptEngine engine = new Scriptengine();

to create a javascript object from a java object. Problem is, I can't seem to even reference the methods I need to create javascript versions of.
I'm doing something like

(main file)
package JavaSphere
import javax.Script.*;

public class JavaSphereMain {
public void main() { //I'm making a command prompt example until I get this figured out, that's why I'm using main() instead of init()
Functions f = new Functions();


public class Functions() {
private static void function_name() {
//do stuff

I guess my problem is I don't understand the public/private static/final/etc method usage

Question about RM2K and 2k3

For the longest time I thought that you had to buy RM2K or 2K3 as with RPG Maker XP, but out of curiosity, I did some searching, and found out that it wasn't released in English. Are you guys using illegal translations?

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Help me find an old game

Can you guys help me find the name/location of an old game I used to play? I think I would have last played it in 2004, and I think it may have been made in RM2K, or earlier. I think the title was something like Mage's Quest or Mage's Advenure or something like that. I'm not sure how much help this will be, but I also remember the easiest monsters were slime monsters, a little bit like Dragon Quest, and you faced your enemies in battle, and couldn't see the players, only their attacks

Edit: Crap I just realized there's a thread for this. Can a mod please delete/lock this topic?

MIDI keyboard question

I know this is a crazy question, and I may lose some of your respect by even THINKING it might be possible, but here goes. To start out, did any of you guys ever have one of those toy casio keyboards that had an instrument bank, a pattern bank and a song bank? I think it's a casio sa-75 or 76 or something like that. Anyways, it doesn't have any kind of output jack, only speakers (because it's a toy), and I was wondering if it would be possible to solder a midi output jack somewhere so that it would send out a MIDI signal before it gets to the "renderer". I would imagine that it would already use MIDI, because from a development standpoint, why change something you won't see.

Share unused game ideas

I come up with more game ideas on a regular basis than I know what to do with, or have time to actually bring into existence, so I decided to make a thread for them. Feel free to list ideas for games that you have, but don't want to/don't have the time to make. Include as much detail as you like.

Bazooka Bob: A side-scrolling platformer where you play as a marine out for revenge on the army that experimented on him and surgically replaced his head with a bazooka.

I know I had others, I just can't think of them atm, I'll probably post them later.

My school's network

So my school decided to cut off internet unless you were already logged on just so they could change a few div styles on the login page (unless there was some extremely small backend change that I don't know of)

Hello, now that there is an intro section

Hi I'm Eggbertx, I came here out of curiosity after Radnen posted that RMN was going down on the Spherical Forums, although I had been here a couple times before to get some games for JavaSphere. Sphere is my main engine of choice, although I have dabbled in GameMaker a tiny bit. As some of you already know, I made Secret Collect, and update it when I can.

Game stuck on "Pending" status

I uploaded a game yesterday, and I didn't see the thing about having to upload three images in order for it to go public. I noticed that this morning and uploaded three images, and it's been stuck on pending all day. Does it need to be approved by a mod or something, or is it like most sites where it just has to sit for a little bit?
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