Naruto RPG maker 2003

I reviewed and updated the file. :D
Some games put TEAM 7 senseiat just a.i. ordered...
But this yours.

What Level Training field? L10?
I don´t know are you get it but one storage teleport is somewoh get wrong or not, it pushed Naruto to Clothes shop...

Naruto RPG maker 2003

Wow- this looks fantastic! It must have taken you so much time and effort. I'll definitely give it a try and let you know what I think after playing. Kudos to you for the detailed art, very well made.
I really appreciate it! Honestly, this project was started back in 2008 but went on a hiatus for over 10 years. I decided to bring it back to life after stumbling upon it on an old HD. So, I picked up work on the project again in 2021, but this time with a lot more know-how about the engine. Sadly, I haven't made much progress in the story yet, but I'm determined to push it further! Thanks again!
Oh? And youre wanna cont it at rpgmaker 2k3? your choice.
Art? erf... Narutomis i say.
THAT just demo...?

Naruto RPG maker 2003

Nice! I never watched the anime properly but this does look really good and reminds me of the anime a lot.

It does look good!
Appreciate it! I'm glad you liked it! I invite you to play it, even for those who don't follow the anime, I believe it's a fun game for RPG enthusiasts.
Well... Animation helps at lot...
1:Why so many same faces at these pictures? Isn´t easy use lesser pictures??
2: Some talking aren´t eng at all ( Gato?)
3: These snakes are annoing!
4: Why limited levels?
5: Why not these others not give ryo, it little be hard sometime waiting these which drop something...??


Ah what happening??


Yeah... and?


rope on rope off...


Well, team 7... ready or?


Training. We get stronger or...


That boy... strong at just fight... but...


Well, Naruto.. at you know...