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Notes on the Etgoesian C...
Farcical First-World-War-esque jRPG.


[RM2K3] [RMVX ACE] Current status of Windows 8 compatability?

Hullo RMN, long time no see. Just a quick question - I'm at a stage of game development where I've got a sizeable amount of resources made but must now choose between putting them into 2K3 or converting for VX Ace. (Considering how much 2K3 meets my requirements and preferences, it'd be great not to have to upgrade if I didn't absolutely have to! But I am aware that sometimes one must get with the times.)

Been out of the loop for a good while, but I've managed to find a couple of articles and forum threads on Windows 8 compatability, though none are particularly recent. So: I was just wondering what the prevailing wisdom currently is with regards to Windows 8/whether RM2K3 games seem likely to be widely unplayable in the relatively near future? The impression I get is that a lot of the time it'd only be people dedicated enough to seek intricate workarounds who'd be able to get it to work - would you say this accurate? Or do they generally still seem playable enough? Cheers.

An Old Challenger... Slinks Back

Hello, rpgmakernet!

I used to come here a lot, a couple of years ago. I posted every now and again, and spent much too long on a pretty rough-around-the-edges demo of a game called Notes on the Second Mellynd War (got mixed reviews - I paid a lot of attention to the writing, but not much to anything else (I’ve started (loosely) making a much better version, but I definitely can’t say how much time I’ll get to spend on it.)) I’ve actually just finished a short game, Notes on the Edgosian Crisis, that I got very very close to completing a few years ago, before real life took over – I really got out of the habit of game-making, partly because I got a lot of other hobbies quite suddenly, and partly because, uh, ‘compelling personal reasons’ meant I didn’t really feel like it. But all being well, I’ll hopefully release it tomorrow (I’ll probably make the gamepage public later today).

Anyway, if you weren’t around when I was: Hello! I’m very into PSX- and SNES-era jRPGs, and quite knowledgeable on the ‘classic’ RPG Maker games. I definitely favour 2K/2K3 over any of the newer engines, anyway – the hobby’s almost entirely a nostalgia thing for me, and I have difficulty getting into any of the recent ones, hah. But, yeah: what’s going down these days? Any big news? Are many people from around 2011 still about? Are many people still using 2K/2K3? Where did Meridian Dance go?

Digital Colouring Help Needed for Otherwise-Finished Project

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to take this down. Uh, sorted now, thanks!

RMXP Map Extractor...?

Apologies in advance for vagueness.

There's a program for 2K/2K3 that converts the entirety of a map into an image file to save time screenshotting different areas and sticking them together, isn't there? This sounds familiar. I'm fairly sure this exists, right? Well, assuming it does, is there something that functions like that for RMXP? I can't seem to find anything, but just thought I'd double-check here before I start doing it manually. Thanks!

Artist Wanted - Four 2K3-size face portraits


I... think this is in the right place (game doesn't have a gamepage yet, so).

I'm currently looking for an artist to make me just four 48x48 face portraits for a short game I'm halfway through (a spinoff/prequel to my main game Notes on the Second Mellynd War which you might have heard of, and quite similar to it in tone). The faces only appear on the menu. All styles considered, except extremely basic or excessively cartoonish/chibi.

If anyone's interested, PM me a sample of your stuff and we can talk!

RM2K3 - Execute Custom Handler for losing battles just causes game over

Title explains my problem, really. Trying to make a supposed-to-lose battle, and the moment you do lose, it returns to the map and then you just get game over. Whatever I put in the 'if you've lost' branch - full heal, add a live character to the party etc. - it just gives me game over first. I've also tried a parallel process event reviving the character (it's a one-character battle), but no dice. Sorry if it's a common problem, I'd guess other people have encountered it as I've had it for years but never really needed to use that function so haven't bothered trying to find a way around it before... Thanks.

Theodore XP

Heyyy. Would anybody happen to have a full set/more of Theodore's XP tilesets? I can only find the ones under 'Créations Théodore' here http://www.rpg-maker.fr/index.php?page=tilesets&type=theodore. Thanks!

That Chipset Complier

found it, it was called chipmunk, don't mind me, tra la la

Request - Theodore Chipsets

Hey, would anyone be able to link me to/upload/send me a complete set of Theodore chipsets? I only have around half of them at the moment, and can't seem to find the rest anywhere. I found a page with the complete set (I assume) the other day, and if it was the one I think it was (Gamecraft), it doesn't seem to be working anymore...


RM2K3's 'Guage' battle system

I was wondering recently about RM2K3's 'gauge' battle system. I've seen it used in a few games, and never really had any problem with it myself. But looking at a review of my game a while back, I see two complaints that I was wondering how much of the community mirrored. The first is that it requires the player to press the button more often - to select each character, before they act. The second is that it makes it more difficult to see who you're selecting. Thinking about it, I've never had the second problem myself, usually just looking at who's flashing, rather than the big floating hand (or arrow etc., I'm assuming that on other system2 sets it's not much better).

I always just use the gauge system without thinking, because with the others, the MP count collided horribly with the timebar - though in retrospect a very unobtrusive system2 set would probably fix this? (In any case, for me personally it pretty much has to be guage or alternative, because traditional displays the monster names and that won't really work for me, a lot of the time favouring very long names that definitely don't fit onscreen/in the database)

Out of interest, what is the general consensus on the gauge system (and the other systems, by comparison)? Is anybody likely to pass on a game because it uses it? Do you use the gauge system? I do really, really prefer the aesthetic of the system to the others, but it's probably best to find out sooner rather than later if it it actually hampers enjoyment significantly for most people or something...

edit: gatdam I cannot spell 'gauge', and I can't seem to edit the title : (
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