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Oneshot Review

Thanks for the review! And here I was thinking the commercial version was just the same game but with a little extra polish. I hope that the meta stuff won't get too weird though, because meta games tend to be overrated for me and very few of them I actually like. We are on a similar boat with Undertale (though it isn't my favourite game) and I thought Oneshot was slightly overrated too, so hey, maybe I'll like it too.

The Babadook Review

This entire review is secretly a grammarly ad

What can I say, it just werks

Jello and the Valley of Duh Review

Chapter 5 is probably the longest chapter in the entire game, especially considering it also has chapter 5.5 right after. It almost seems like its own game in terms of scope. However, the chapter count always ticks forwards after the party makes it back home.

What I want to know most is, if I were to make large changes, what directions should I take? Should I focus on the misfit found family themes of the second half? Should I focus on the nonsensical comedy of the first half? Should the serious elements be given early spotlight or scrubbed? Which plot threads should I focus on?
I don't know what to refine this game into anymore.

If you want an honest opinion (and hey, I think you yourself said it before) Don't feel pressured to make changes that you don't feel comfortable doing. Like your experience with RRR, where they made you add stuff that wasn't necessary at all and it didn't mesh that well with the game. Besides, the game is so big that making story changes would take a lot of work, and I don't know if those changes would work at all.

But if you really want to "refine" the game, well... Off the top of my head the things that need the most work are the plot with Jello's parents (It had so much buildup and it was resolved so quickly, without any big impact) and the tone shift of the last chapter (I'm actually ok with the plot of stopping Dialga, and even when the end of the world is near you still had some space to add comedy (for example, Giratina)). But like I said, it requires a lot of work to do (How do you change Jello's backstory without changing everything? What do you do with Raiblu?) so unless you want to make the game from scratch, I suggest you only make small changes.

Oh yeah, and you should focus on the comedic elements, even if they are nonsensical. Because (at least for me) that's what this game is all about, a fun comedic game where stuff just happens. A section that parodies Ace Attorney with a Kirby that copied lawyer abilities by absorbing the powers of a wig? A secret cult below a town that worships a Diglet? Visiting Giratina in the middle of their bath time to ask for help to stop an asshole Dialga? If you were to take out all of that, then the game wouldn't have anything that makes it stand out.

Jello and the Valley of Duh Review

No problem! I think I was a little generous with the score compared to the other reviewers. A big difference though is that I actually finished the game. A lot more stuff happens in the second half that, while it's also random and nonsensical, it keeps carrying the same charm, even in the last chapter.

And that's what it boils down to me, really. The charm. I'm willing to ignore most writing and pacing problems just because the game is cute. (Which are understandable problems due to the nature of the game and its long development time) Plus I take into account that future updates will polish the game a little more.

Rhythm Music Network Review

I've never officially write a thank you post for you, so here it is!
Thank you for trying and giving me feedback!!
I hope the new update address most of the feedback you've given to me! If I miss any, feel free to tell me. Sometimes I might forget something.

No problem! I'll probably wait until that promised "content update" before updating the review or giving any further feedback. It's great to see that the game is looking better with every update though!

Milk Quest Review

Oops, double post.

Milk Quest Review

I'm happy to see that I wasn't the only one that dropped the game as soon as I realized that I had to backtrack through those horribly long and boring dungeons.

afffafaf Review

It is a pity that you could not pass the whole game

I could try, but like I said, the gameplay needs some fixes here and there, but.... ok, I'll try to play some more trough this afternoon...

Edit: I tried and managed to get a bit further, but like I said, the gameplay is too... awkward, it's hard to describe it, it really needs a bit more work so it doesn't feel too choppy

Castlevania NKN Review

You're entitled to your opinion. Personally, I played through it at least three times (more if you count the individual level runs for hidden items), beat the boss rush, and got 99% Completion. I'd say I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Also, every Castlevania pales in comparison to Rondo. Come on, man.

Heh, maybe you are right, maybe I'm being too harsh...

Also, yeah, comparing it to Rondo is kinda ridiculous, but I used to compare it in gameplay, maybe is because I'm used to them, but in most classicvanias that I have played, enemies die pretty quickly, what makes them hard is that some enemies have movement patterns that you have to predict (Some skeletons, Fleamans, Medusa heads and Bats) or if they don't die as easily, they are pretty much... "mini-mini-bosses" (Like the Axemen and Skeleton Dragons) And what makes the games interesting, it's that your movement is pretty "stiff" so acting at the wrong time can leave you open for an enemy attack

But my biggest problem it's the controls, if you don't have a controller or something similar, you are fucked, because the keyboard controls are some of the weirdest configurations I ever saw, it evens have the issue of key-jamming, which it should be something the devs should have in mind when making it, why not use a more conventional WASD approach? Even an Arrow Keys + ASD, or Arrow Keys + Spacebar + ZXC Would have been better

I could comment on the graphics, the dialogs, the level design, but welp... In the end, it doesn't matter anyway, I guess I was looking for a faithful Castlevania fan-game, and I saw this game being talked about in many sites (back then ofc) so... I suppose I was just let down, this is just different...

Castlevania NKN Review

After a long while, I decided to try this game again, maybe I was being a bit unfair with my review, but nope... Just after finishing Rondo of Blood, it actually seems worse, the problem is with the controls (they are awful if you don't have a controller) the gameplay (I was playing in normal and the skeletons seem to take many hits before dying, the problem is, in Rondo of Blood they die in one or two hits, the difficulty comes from how they are positioned) the level design (I don't know, I was just... okay) And the jokes (Yeah, I know it can be skipped, but I still think it worsens the experience)

So yeah... It will stay as 2/5
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