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After almost 3 years outside the community... I'm back for more gam mak

the weather outside is frightful

It was horrible, there's nothing more sickening than talking to people that don't know what is the Three Tile Rule

I'm back from the dead

Welcome back, El_WaKa! :D

Hey, glad to see you back!

WaKa, WaKa!

Heh, thanks guys! I know it seems like it's not a big deal, but I'm glad that there are some people that at least care just a bit about me...

I'm back from the dead

I was wondering where you went, actually.

Oh, and I thought nobody even knew I existed, thanks

Watcha workin on?


I have an old idea that I wanted to try out, but this time, I will try to make it more original instead of using the RTP for everything, we will see how it goes

I'm back from the dead

I know that nobody cares, but I still wanted to announce that I'm back to gam making, the last 6 months were hard for me due to many personal problems, but I think I'm able to rejoin the site again, and this time, my games will be less shitty better, I've been practicing every now and then and I waiting patiently for the next event

Thanks to everybody!

I kinda miss this site

I still make games, and I have got much better at it, but I can't no longer submit games because they are in Spanish and because is possible that they end up being commercial games

I want to participate in more events (It's one of the things that makes this site awesome) but you know, with life getting in the way I can't...

Why even bother

Thanks guys!

Why even bother

I feel that I'm wasting my time, because my game for the IGMC is complete shit compared to the other entries, and I have only 5 days before the deadline...

I played Ratty's game and this was the result...

It seems that BoF avatars are popular now...

I'm part of the club now?

Who wants a copy of Steam RM2k3? My treat.

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