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A rogue-like inspired by Wizardry and Final Fantasy V. Can you make it out alive?



Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Thank you so much to whoever made the gift, I really love it! I have no idea who could they be though. And thanks Libby for hosting this! It was fun and seeing so many people be happy with the gifts they received fills me with fuzzy feelings.

Happy holidays to everyone!

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Updated my post too.

1.2 Update, smol but important bugfix. Also, notice on updates

It's ok, take your time! It doesn't matter if it takes you a whole year to finish it as long as you never forget about it!

48-owl Gammak thread

Strigidae is finally up!

I'm not gonna lie, it was horribly rushed, you can FEEL the point where I said "fuck it" and just started to throw stuff at random. I don't even know if I made it to the 10-minute mark?

I plan to keep working on it after the event of course, but taking a whole different direction with it. This was just random little game with barely any resemblance to what I had planned. But hey, I hope I get some extra points for the cute birds.

48-owl Gammak thread

I'm in! I'm still not sure of what to do exactly, but I'll surely come up with something for the event.

The Babadook Review

This entire review is secretly a grammarly ad

What can I say, it just werks

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

I'm in!

I appreciate anything as long as it was made with love, though I tend to like more the artsy stuff. Especially something that I can use as a profile picture. I just love using them until the end of the year, like some kind of tradition for me.

But hey, if art is not your thing I'll still appreciate any other kind of gift. Just make what you feel the most comfortable doing. And if everything fails, steam games are also greatly appreciated.


Here comes a more detailed list of what I would like to recieve:

ART: I realized that I asked for profile pictures yet I never provided any references or anything like that. So here are a few options:

Two characters for a future project:

My stickman: Is right there as my current pfp.


For things outside of my own characters, well... I don't have any strong attachment to anything right now. Maybe My Little Pony?

My favorite game series (off the top of my head) are: Resident Evil, Mega Man, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy (only played the 2D ones tho)

GAME: Looks like it's a valid option to ask for steam games, I would post a link to my wishlist but nah, it would be too much. I'm ok with anything really, though I lean more towards strategy games and old-school games. Don't spend more than 5$ please.

OTHERS: Like I've said, I'm okay with almost everything. A review would be cool but I prefer when they come naturally. Don't force yourself to play my games just to write a review please, it won't end good for either of us. Heck, if you want to make a simple christsmas card that works perfectly too! Now, if I had to write a list of "Don'ts" then I would put custom resources on that list. I prefer making my own so it would be a shame to work so hard for something I wouldn't use that much.

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

Jello and the Valley of Duh Review

Chapter 5 is probably the longest chapter in the entire game, especially considering it also has chapter 5.5 right after. It almost seems like its own game in terms of scope. However, the chapter count always ticks forwards after the party makes it back home.

What I want to know most is, if I were to make large changes, what directions should I take? Should I focus on the misfit found family themes of the second half? Should I focus on the nonsensical comedy of the first half? Should the serious elements be given early spotlight or scrubbed? Which plot threads should I focus on?
I don't know what to refine this game into anymore.

If you want an honest opinion (and hey, I think you yourself said it before) Don't feel pressured to make changes that you don't feel comfortable doing. Like your experience with RRR, where they made you add stuff that wasn't necessary at all and it didn't mesh that well with the game. Besides, the game is so big that making story changes would take a lot of work, and I don't know if those changes would work at all.

But if you really want to "refine" the game, well... Off the top of my head the things that need the most work are the plot with Jello's parents (It had so much buildup and it was resolved so quickly, without any big impact) and the tone shift of the last chapter (I'm actually ok with the plot of stopping Dialga, and even when the end of the world is near you still had some space to add comedy (for example, Giratina)). But like I said, it requires a lot of work to do (How do you change Jello's backstory without changing everything? What do you do with Raiblu?) so unless you want to make the game from scratch, I suggest you only make small changes.

Oh yeah, and you should focus on the comedic elements, even if they are nonsensical. Because (at least for me) that's what this game is all about, a fun comedic game where stuff just happens. A section that parodies Ace Attorney with a Kirby that copied lawyer abilities by absorbing the powers of a wig? A secret cult below a town that worships a Diglet? Visiting Giratina in the middle of their bath time to ask for help to stop an asshole Dialga? If you were to take out all of that, then the game wouldn't have anything that makes it stand out.

Stat+ streaming service

Goddamn it, triple post?