Calabozo: Labyrinth of t...
A rogue-like inspired by Wizardry and Final Fantasy V. Can you make it out alive?



1.44 Floppy Disc Event

I wanna give a big CONTRATULATIONS! to everyone that participated, even if you didn't manage to finish a game hehe. The event only turned out so cool thanks to everyone's support! We got LOTS of entries this time, 26 in total, and I'll be playing and reviewing them through the course of the week. Hopefully, the badges should be rolling next week at most!

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

... :? In here Simpson was tv at 2000... And me only play that Civilization...
Why it wasn´t listed? Youre say only what you have :(


I went for the obvious picks for "mid 90s things", not thinking of a very specific year (Besides being before 95 when CDs slowly started to become more mainstream). It wasn't about being accurate, it was just about creating some fake nostalgia.


Move over Pom, this is the new best game ever uploaded to RMN. It has action, drama, terror, romance, everything that makes a story be remembered for centuries.

10/10 - Misao of the decade.

(The secret ending is the canon ending, it opens the way for the sequel where Awe gets his revenge)

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

While you're busy updating the event page, you might want to update the Mb to MB as well. It's nitpick, but it's bugging me.

Oops, fixed! Also changed some other stuff.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Oops, don't mind the 3 update notifcations, kinda fucked up something and had to revert it. But yeah, The Floppy event is now a competitive event, with the winner getting a free steam key. Best of luck to everyone!

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

I have a question. During the development of this project, does the game body need to include RTP content based on Rpg Maker 2K3? Or is it possible to publish only works that do not contain RTP content?

You can totally make a game and not use the RTP at all! The RTP is just there as an option for extra resources. Just remember that the game should run without the RTP
installed. (Follow this link, and yes, this step is required even when you don't use any RTP in your game. RM2k3 is weird that way.)

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

If you need 8bit sounds then you can make your own using this: https://www.bfxr.net/

By the way, can we use rips from old games and free-to-use resources? Or are we forced to make our own resources (apart from RTP)?

Yup! Rips and free resources are 100% allowed.

"Any modern game engine is fair game, as long as the compressed game still fits into 1.44 Mb."

Just want to clarify this rule.
This means if the entire game folder is 1.5 Mb or something, but manages to get under 1.44 Mb when zipped, the game is still allowed?

Edit: Asking because a 2k3 project with no resources is still 1.5 Mb.

Yup! We're taking into account the compressed file size, not the uncompressed one. If it were somehow possible to make a 1 Gb game fit into a 1.44 Mb floppy that would count.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

I'm planning on doing a Gameboy homebrew. I've been so excited for this event for like, an entire month, and I've been learning how to program the Gameboy. It's pretty fun, it's actually really nice to write homebrew for. The CPU is super limited, but the PPU is really easy to use.

I'm planning on a game that has somewhat simple mechanics and limited graphics/audio. I think I can finish it in 2 weeks.

I'm planning on my game using the mapper MBC1 or MBC3, targeting 64KB of ROM. That means you could load the ROM and a Windows-based Gameboy emulator onto a single floppy disk.

According to Liberty, that's not allowed... I wanted to do the same thing too, trust me

I've been thinking about this since a lot of people wanted to try out GB Studio and I'm all for people trying out new engines. I came to the conclusion that as long as all the files you need to run the game fit into the 1.44 Mb then it's allowed. Think about it as sharing the floppy disk with a friend that only has a floppy disk drive, has no internet connection, and has a clean installation of Windows (aside from WinRAR and such). You would try to put the emulator along with the game, you know?

I've updated the rules to reflect this. So yeah, GB Studio is allowed as long as you can find a way to make the games run and make it fit within the restriction. (I actually found two GB emulators that are around 440kb when stripped to the basics. And even one that was 146kb!)

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Would a minimalistic HTML5/javascript game count? Something in the style of pacman or snake or tetris maybe?

Yup! Everything is fair game, as long as it fits within the size limit of course. You have two weeks so if you can manage to add extra features here and there that would be amazing.

author=Yellow Magic
I guess this rules out including an episode of Friends in the package

Remember those weird Game Boy Advance Videos? That had movies and episodes from shows crunched to super-low quality? Well, what if an episode of Friends somehow found itself into one of those? Add some gameplay and you'll have a masterpiece in your hands!

Calabozo: The Curse

Daaaang. That's certainly one way to turn the trope of "character gets powers from personal epiphany or arcane puberty" on its head. Seems there's a risk and reward to having a Cursed character. It's also awesome to see a scrapped idea evolve into this concept. :o

Thank you! What actually was scrapped was the recruitment stuff, but the Curse mechanics was there from the start. I'm still thinking of whether to add the expanded recruitment or not because it needs LOTS of unique dialogue (Between each possible combination of characters) and it needs unique sprites in case you fight them (when you meet enemy with enemy of course they will fight). The easiest part is eventing it all and vary the chances of recruitment/fight/nothing depending on many factors.

I'll add that only if I still have some energy left after finishing all the important stuff first. This was supposed to be an update to make the game playable and then move on to other projects but I can't help it. I want to make it the best it can be.