The legend of Zelda LP

haha This isn't your grandpa's Zelda game. That push statue puzzle is hard, but you can see the reward at the top. The blue tunic. So it's optional. That was the upper room, you didn't do the puzzle that was in the left room. You walked in, tried to push all blocks except the one that moves xD, then left and never came back u.u That's the room that has the key for the dungeon, you can see it on the far left. And I mean, every room has a purpose so you shouldn't not finish one. Could you go back and try again? You're missing most of the demo.

Huh, I thought the blue tunic would let me push the blocks on the left room, I will try again tomorrow, thanks!


okay suckahs give me yo games

author=Max McGee
@El_WaKa: Dude, I already played Cave Adventure. And commented. At length!

Oh yeah... sorry, I forgot about that, thanks anyway!

okay suckahs give me yo games

I got nothing to lose: Cave Adventure!

New Download (Also Thanks)

Cool, I will give it a try and upload a new video

The Fallen Rise

Great! you fixed the download! but my antivirus still detects a threat, specifically the Game.exe and the RGSS301.dll


And another one


RMN Secret Santa 2014

Generally YT isn't recommended for this event since people can guess who gave them the gift just by checking their YT profile (hence the links to other sites). Then again, if you have a secondary or unkonwn account (or be an idiot like me last year and actually say your name in the video >.<; ) then that's fine, I guess.

Damn, I don't want to create an account just for an event, I guess I will do another type of gift

Broken Seal

Gonna try this but I'm not sure which file I have to download (I downloaded the Unfi-r3)