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About game demos....

It's fine whichever way. Some people never upload something, some upload only when the game is finished and others may put up constantly revised versions while others may only put up a longer demo. Honestly, it's up to the creator.
The trick is to keep player interest and keep yourself motivated.

Thanks for the tips, I will wait till I have a decent playable version, and even tough is beta, I will try to polish as much as I can, thanks again

About game demos....

Is recommended to upload a beta (or demos) of your game?

I mean, that way you get more inspiration for your game, and you can fix any bugs that somebody could find...

But personally, I think the game should have at least 20-30 mins of playable content...

Btw, sorry for my bad english...

Another "Hello" topic

That was fast... thanks

That avatar...I saw it somewhere else...

Anyway, welcome to RMN!

It's from Manhunt:

Even without the violence is a nice steatlh game

Another "Hello" topic

Hello, I started with RPGMaker 2K (around 2010) and now I'm using RPGMaker VX,

I have not finished any "big" projects but I'm working on a simple rpg right now, hopefully I will have a playable beta in 2 weeks

I like RPGs and some of my favorites are Final Fantasy I, IV, V, Diablo II, Morrowind etc.

My english isn't my first language, sorry for any errors