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Aremen's Prophecy - Community Game Sign up!

The world is held in balance thanks to the powers of the Makers Crystals. Powerful and mysterious artifacts from the past that exude energy to the whole world. But soon, that balance will be disturbed by the Grandmak empire and its hunger for power. A small band of rebels works hard to trump their plans; the Ace Squad will not stop until the empire is stopped. Will you join their fight?

What is this?

Aremen’s Prophecy is a game made to celebrate the RMN community. With a lot of references and in-jokes plus the implementation of multiple free resources made by the community itself, all mixed with gameplay that focuses on resource management and strategic decisions. But most importantly, is the people that make up this community the most crucial part of it. Without the many contributions of dedicated people, RMN wouldn’t be here today. And so, I offer anyone interested to participate by creating your own character to be added to the game!

How I can participate?

Simple, just fill out the template posted at the end of this post and you’re already in. Be aware that I may ask further questions through DMs as the development of the game goes on, mostly to develop more the characters' personality and reactions to events. If you’re not interested in that last part is fine, though the character may turn a little flat.

You can create any character you want, be either an entirely new character, an old character from any other project you may have, or even just a direct self-insert. Just keep it mind that their backstories are subject to changes to fit the story better. Non-humans characters are allowed.

Can you tell us more about the game?

- It will be made on RPG Maker VX Ace.
- Inspired by Fire Emblem, but trying to adapt some of its mechanics into turn-based battles. Specifically: A large cast of characters to recruit, permadeath, random stats at level up, resource and risk management, and a few surprises here and there.
- Medium-short length, divided into 15 chapters of 5-10 mins of duration each one.
- It’ll use mainly the RTP, so it’s easier to set up and to integrate community resources, such as:
- It’ll use the RMN Music Pack!
- It takes a semi-serious tone, the story is important but there’s space for comic relief.
- Estimated release date: Hopefully before the end of the year.
- Signs ups are closed. Sorry!


Name: (You can choose between using your username or even create a new one)

Portrait: (Pick the character you want from the grid at the end of the post. As a bonus, I’m up for changing colors around to give a little more flavor to the graphics. Stuff like changing the eye, hair and clothes color. There’s also the option of uploading your own custom portrait, just bear in mind that the art style must be somewhat similar to the VX/Ace style so it won’t feel too out of place.)

Personality: (Describe the personality of your character in 3 words.)

Team: (Pick between team the following teams, this determines where in the story you will roughly appear and affect certain events)

- Team 95
- Team 2K (2000 + 2003)
- Team XP
- Team VX (VX and VX Ace)
- Team MX (MV and MZ)

Class: (A battle draws near! What weapon will you use to defend yourself? This determines your base class)

- Sword
- Spear
- Axe
- Knives
- Bow
- Magic Tome
- Support Staff
- Nothing, I’ll use my mind
- Nothing, I’ll use my body

Stats: (Distribute 20 points between these stats, with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 10. These determine your growths and bases)

- Strength: 5/10
- Intelligence: 5/10
- Vitality: 5/10
- Agility: 5/10

Rock, Papers, Scissors: (Lastly, pick one of the three, this will have a small effect in your final stats)

(Your final class, stats and growths will be revealed through pm, giving you a chance to reroll once in case you don’t like the final result.)

(Here’s a chart of all the RTP heroes in case you have trouble picking a Portrait.)


Your Game Dev Identity/Signature

Last night, just as I was going to sleep after a long night of gam mak, some thoughts came to my head. About what game was I making (A dark, challenging, gameplay focused, retro rogue-like rpg) and what game I wanted to make after I finished that (An atmospheric, artsy and personal, story-driven game) And that left me thinking... I'm basically doing two very different sides of a coin. And you know, that's okay! It could mean that I'm in an experimental phase, trying different stuff to see what is really "my thing". That the gameplay focused is something I would enjoy playing for fun, and the story focused is something personal that I just want to share with the world. There's absolutely no problem in trying both (Aside from needing a different set of skills for each game, but that's not important here)

But then I thought about what is my "game dev identity". What other people, my potential audience, would expect from me? To put an example, imagine... I don't know, SnowOwl? which is known for his horror games, suddenly released some colorful fantasy rpg game. There's no dark twist or anything, is just another rpg. How would his usual fans feel about it? Or someone who discovered him by that game and now discovers that the rest of his games are horror-themed? Another example could be when musicians switch from their usual style to something else, or when a youtuber known for a certain kind of content takes their channel in a different direction. In all cases, this can be actually well received and the people that care the most about you and your content will stick around. But it also has the obvious risk of alienating a lot of people, sometimes making you lose fans.

But of course, I shouldn't think too hard on this. After all, I'm still a "nobody", so there are no fans to scare away or anything. And this shouldn't stop me or anybody from doing the things they really want to do. I'm still gonna work on those two games no matter what. But still, I thought it was something interesting and I wanted to hear what you guys think about it. Have you found that "thing" that differentiates your games from anyone else? Have you ever gone outside of your comfort zone?

Some new (and old) ideas for future events

One thing that I really love about this place are the events, they really help you to be motivated to work on your game, collaborate with the community, or try new things! After checking the past events page, I've seen a few events that I would love see again in some way or another, here are a few ideas for new events:

- Bring back Befuddled Quest, in one way or another: I really love the idea behind this event, reminds me of the various Super RMN Bros. events of the past, but with something we all are more familiar with, RPG Maker, I don't know why Befuddled Quest events stopped, lack of interest? Nobody wants to take the lead and organize the event? Is harder to do it in VX Ace (the last engine used for the event) than in RPG Maker 2k3? But anyway, I would be interesting to do something like this again, even if we change the name to make it disconnected from the "Befuddled Quest" series, I know the quality can vary a lot between rooms but is fun to see what everyone contributes to the game

- Make a short game with an engine you've never used before: I feel like this was done once in the past? I can't remember, but basically, forget about RPG maker for a second, you see this engines list? How about trying one of them, especially if you've never heard or used it before, and try to make a short game with it? This could be a lot of fun and a perfect way to get out of your comfort zone for a while, but the quality of the games will probably be very poor, and some people could get frustrated with this, though I still think that it is worth a try

- The Battle Arena: This would be probably the hardest to do due to how RPG Maker works, but you know what is one of the things that is most common among all the RPGs? That's right, the battles, I was thinking of something like an arena, where you send your party to fight any of the boss battles designed by the community, the problem with this idea is how to organize everything, not only how to merge all the databases of every participant (afaik, you can't just copy and paste the sections of the database that you want) or how to add scripts or events mid-battle that make the battles a lot more engaging and interesting, but even if we could find a solution for this, what makes a boss battle fun is when it is perfectly balanced between challenging and fun, something really hard to do with a community event like this

Tell me what you think, and if you also have any other idea, feel free to share them!

Artist for hire! (CG, Characters, Portraits, Promotional Art and more!)

Hey there! First of all, let's clarify something, my sister is actually the artist, but because she can't speak English at all, she asked me to be her translator for now, so feel free to send me any questions or ideas you have to me, and I'll make sure to give them to her

Now here's her Commission Sheet, the prices can vary and we are able to give a special discount depending on what you have in mind for your game! She can do anything related to characters, maybe some art for your title screen? Maybe a scene in your game needs a little art to make it stand out more? How about some character portraits for the menus and text boxes? Or maybe you want to be a little extra fancy and want some promotional art for your game? whatever you want, she can probably do it!

Here's a bit more of her work:

And here's her DeviantArt (a little outdated) in case anyone wants to check out more of her stuff!

[RMVX ACE] Bug with Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine

So I was trying to use yanfly's script for showing only 3 characters at a time in the menu, it's just what I was looking for, but when I put it on my game...

It shows only the MP and not the HP (and it shows the wrong amount, but that's caused by another script)

So I thought that maybe it was caused by another script, so I tried it with a empty project and...

It looks worse

Is there any solution for this? Or at least there are other alternatives that let me change the party size / show 3 characters at a time in the menu?

RTP vs. Custom Graphics

I always have used the RTP for every game and experiment I've made with rpg maker, it's simple and easy to use, but now I think is time to be more original and do something different, because basically, most games made with just the RTP end up being generic and boring, it doesn't stand out too much, even if it got lots of new ideas and mechanics, it would be kinda hard to remember it... so I decided to make my own custom graphics!... But I just can't sprite for shit

Yeah, there are other options, like buying assets in the store, but I don't have too much money for that, or maybe ripping graphics from another game, but to be honest, I hate doing that, because many times you can recognize the characters, and in the end, the game could look like a mess if done wrong

So hey! I decided to give a try at making my own graphics, but...

This what I managed to do when I tried to make a Red Mage in a pixel/blocky style, I know it looks kinda awful and needs lots of work, but that's why I came here, I'm not asking for tutorials about spriting (although a few would be useful) but I wanted to know...

- Should I keep trying to make custom graphics? (Keep in mind that I plan to replace most of the RTP with this style)
- Even if they suck, it would be better than simply using the RTP?
- Maybe I should try something different?
- What is your opinion about games made using only the RTP? Or about games with ripped graphics?
- Post your experiences with these kind of problems

Thanks for reading!

Leaving a good impression in a demo

I can't say too much about this game I´m working on, but it will be shown in a local event and hopefully we will have people to try the game and if the game is popular or at least receives positive feedback then the game will be sold in local stores

The thing is, people will play around 5 - 15 mins and I want to leave a good impression, leave the player wanting more, any tips on how to do that?

Some details: The game will be made in RPG Maker Vx Ace, the main theme is zombies (yeah, not too original, but everybody loves zombies, right?) the atmosphere is kinda like Resident Evil, action with some good touches of horror, you go through levels fighting zombies, level up, solve the occasional puzzle, etc. it will have 6 classes, tons of items and most important: It will have bosses that can destroy you in seconds

So yeah, any tips to make a demo as fun as possible? I mean, I want people wanting more, make them impressed by the game...

Thanks! And sorry for my english...

[RMVX ACE] Is possible to have more than 6 attributtes? Like DEX, WIS, etc.

I'm working on a game which uses different types of weapons and everybody can equip them and some characters can use some weapons better than others and some weapons unlocks skills in which the damage is based on the "weapon level"

The problem is... I don't know how to do it, I tried changing the default stats (The only stats I will use is ATK and DEF, so I changed MAT, MDF, AGI and LUK to represent weapons levels) the problem is, I had to sort the weapons by "size" so I can have Small, Medium, Large and Special Weapons, but it's too limiting, isn't there a way to add more attributes? Thanks!

EDIT: I'm not looking for a boring, weapon level script because I like to use the attributes for the damage formulas

[RMVX ACE] Prevent the player from buying multiple copies of the same item

I don't know if this question is in the right place...

Is there any way to prevent the player from buying multiple copies of the same item? I want to create a shop where if you buy one item you can't buy it again (to be more specific, think of it like this, you buy one house through a shop and "activate" it trough the item menu, now I want to prevent the player from buying the same house)

I have thought of doing everything with conditional branches or make the shop with events, but for the amount of items planned it won't be possible...

So, anyone knows how I can fix this? (As always, sorry for my bad english)

[Poll] I hate videogames

I guess I'm too old for videogames, I'm not interesed in any of the games showed at the E3, and I dislike most games coming out, except for a few exceptions, and I actually prefer playing "retro" games (I like playing SNES, PSX, GBA and PC games from 95-2005)

Most of the reasons I hate videogames nowadays are:

- DLCs
- Removing content that was supposed to be in the original game, only to add them later as DLCs
- Shitty indie games
- Shitty pretentious games
- Shitty pretentious indie games
- Simplified mechanics
- "Youtubers"
- "Gamers" (Oh look, i'm gamer, i like minecraft and my favorite game is a zelda, lol)
- Free to play, Pay to have fun
- Mobile games
- Meme games (Like Goat Simulator)
- "Retro" games, I'm tired of seeing games with a "retro" look, is just a mess a of pixels and it looks nothing like game of that time
- Reviving old franchises, only to kill them again (Thi4f, Diablo 3, Dungeon Keeper, etc.)
- EA
- SJWs

The second crash of videogames is coming soon
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