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[RMVX ACE] How to implement this system?

I got an idea for a game, but I'm not sure on how to implement it...

I want to use the Dual Set-Up System from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Unique to this game is its DSS (Dual Set-Up System) for magic, based around magic cards. This gameplay mechanic allows the player to unleash dozens of interesting abilities via combinations of two different magic cards: one Action card and one Attribute card. For example, the player can combine the "Mercury Card" (Action card with the power of whip enhancement) with the "Salamander Card" (Attribute card with the power of fire), obtaining a fire elemental whip attack as a result.

Simply put, you have Action Cards and Attribute Cards, mix them in any way you want to get different skills, for example: Mercury changes the element of the whip attack, Mars gives you different weapons, Neptune makes you immune to certain elemental attacks, Saturn summons familiars and Uranus summons creatures that attack everything on the screen, etc.

The Attribute cards changes the element and the way the skills works, Mars + Salamander gives you a fire sword while Mars + Black Dog gives a slow but powerful gun

The problem, I don't know how to implement it, I don't know shit about scripts so I can't use that, but I got some ideas but I'm not sure if any of them are possible:

- Use the cards in a battle, you first select an action card and then select an attribute card (maybe in the items section or add them in the "skills" section), I don't know if it is possible with conditional branches or if it would be too hard to do

- A "forge", find the cards, go to the forge, put a combination of cards and you will learn the skill and can use it anytime in battle without problems (This would be nice for the Mars combination, create the weapon and equip them in the menu)

- If that is too hard, then go the easy way, now instead of combining the cards Mercury + Salamander to get a fire whip you simply find the card "fire whip" and learn the skill, more boring but easier and simple to do

Another idea I had was to not make "infinite cards" so you just can't spam the summons over and over, you have to find new cards everytime they are used (although this would be kinda annoying)

So, what do you think?

When is the right time to work in a "big" project?

I have been making short games for a while, mostly because I want to practice with the program, but I have been thinking about starting a "big" project, I don't mean an epic game of 60 hours, I mean a game of about... 5 hours, not too long but not too short (Is long compared to my games, that last no longer than 20 mins)

I have a few mechanics in mind that I think I can pull off and a short, simple story so it can be easier to do, but I'm not sure if I'm able to finish it...

So, have you made a "big" project before? What have you experienced while making it? Is there any tips or recommendations?

As always: Sorry for my shit english

How to encourage the player to explore?

So a friend was playing my game (Cave Adventure R) and it seemed like he was having difficulties with the game, after asking what he did, I realized he missed at least 40% of the early game because he didn't explore

So yeah, topic title

I put a small animation that shows you can go behind some walls, and the characters were surrounding an object so maybe the player would investigate it, right? nope, he ignored both things...

Another thing, I made a farming spot (every time you exit and enter the screen the enemies would reappear, is the only screen in the entire game that does this) but seems like people are ignoring this...

I want players to explore without holding their hands (I don't want to put a message saying "YOU CAN WALK THROUGHT WALLS! ALSO EXPLORE!!") heck, the second boss is almost unbeatable without exploring

I have made some small changes to see if players would notice them (They are not in the current version of the game) like hidden room that looks empty at first glance, obviously they would check everything to see if there's something hidden and then (when they found the item) try the same in the others rooms, right?

So, what is your opinion?

(To be honest, I'm not really proud of my game, the first part is about exploration then a difficult boss battle divides the game, making the last part a shitty minigame and a rushed ending)

Going commercial, when and why?

I'm asking this because I have seen many free games that are WAY better than many commercial games, and because I have seen many commercial games that are just complete shit (Bad Rats and Dead bits on steam)

Personally, I think the best opportunity is when you already have many fans and your game has been played a minimum of 2000 times

(And no, I'm not planning on going commercial any time in the near future... this mostly curiosity and to know if someone here has made a good commercial game before... and sorry for my shit english)

Small games you have made outside of RMN

I can't be the only one that has made small games outside RMN, I think they don't need a whole gamepage so why just don't post it here?

I have a Kongregate account with a few old flash games which you can find here

They are very short, but I think they are okay for someone who just started using stencyl

Personal Challenges

Have you made a personal challenge before? For example, beating FF1 with 4 white mages, or using only one character, I like this sort of challenges because it makes you think others ways to beat a boss or things like that

A good site with information about it: http://www.garath.net/Sullla/FF/finalfantasy.html

I have beaten FF1 with 4 Blacks Belts, 4 Warriors, 1 Black Belt and I'm planning on doing a solo Cecil for FF4 (and a solo challenge for FF2 but I'm not sure if it is possible)

Vampire - The Masquerade - Bloodlines

One of the best game I have played for a long while, is like Deus Ex with vampires!

Good music
Great dialogue
Nice atmosphere
Differents ways to solve the levels
7 different clans, each with a different play style

Sadly, there's no other game like it (VtM: Redemption kinda sucks) and making a game about the World of Darkness is very difficult...

Looking for sites to upload indie games

I'm looking for sites to upload games, I like RMN but I feel like it is such a small (but nice) community and is focused on RPG Maker games (I want to use Game Maker and Stencyl too)

Gamejolt looks like a nice place, but is full of hipsters and retards...

(I have a flash game ready to be uploaded, but I don't know if this site accepts such games)

And again, sorry for any errors...

Looking for tips to make a horror game that doesn't suck

I hate horror games because they use too many jump scares and/or don't build a creepy atmosphere, (That's why I hate five nights at freddy and slender: the 8 pages) so what i'm gonna do about it? try to make a horror game to see how hard it can be!

Now I need some tips for making the perfect game, the only tips I can think of are:

- Don't abuse the jump scares, maybe one or two are fine but don't overuse it

- Don't use popular "creepypastas", they suck

Sorry for any errors btw, damn google translate

Edit: Now with 20% more images!:


So I have been thinking about this for a little while, in many games, when you reach the last parts of the game you will have a lot of money and nothing to spend it on, so here are some ideas to fix this issue:

- Reduce the gold given by monsters

- The best healing items are really expensive

- A "Casino" or something where you can play mini games and win items or weapons

- Someplace where you can spend your money and it will be upgraded depending on how much money you have given (Like a store or maybe a forge, where you can "donate" money and it will eventually have better items and weapons)
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