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El_WaKa plays games

Yup, another completly original "I will play your game" topic!

I'm looking for games to play for the RMN Plays event, I'm doing Let's Play videos, here is an example, I know, is very simple, but hey, who doesn't want to see someone playing your game for free?


- I will try to play any game, but my PC is kinda old, I can't play games that require a powerful computer

- Unless I really like your game, I will play 20mins max

- I prefer to play games made in RPG Maker 2000/2003 but I have no problems to play VX and Ace games or even game maker games, but I can't play XP games, fraps doesn't work with them


- Stricken

- Touhou Fantasy
- Farmyard Chronicle
- Legend of Zelda
- Broken Seal
- Lakria Legends

Create-your-own-team or predefined characters?

I want to implement a system to create your own team (kinda like in FF1), but doing so would have to re- do a lot of enemies , bosses and also to rebalance skills , but I think it's worth it, what do you think?


My game (Cave Adventure ) is a simple "dungeon-crawler"

Besides putting a basic group of 2 attackers, a magician and a healer, also I added several skills and enemies who work around these skills ( enemies with high evasion , high armor, counter physical attacks , resistant to certain elements , etc. (Some skills work better on certain enemies, for example, take aim and quick attack is effective against enemies with high evasion))

Now, several people have told me "where 's the story ?, who are these people ?" When my goal is to make them without personality ...

Then I remembered Final Fantasy 1, you can create your own team , which creates replayability (Many different combinations besides personal challenges as : 4 white mages or solo runs)

The only problem is the balance , my idea of ​​effective skills against certain enemies is hard to do, if I have an enemy made of ​​water resistant to all attacks but thunder? Previously, the magician has the necessary skill , but now , what happens if you choose a group of 4 warriors?

Now , I can do two things: Either do as FF1 where most of the enemies only attack or create the necessary skills for all classes

Both ideas are bad, the first would be simply boring , and the second would make all the classes very similar

(Sorry, google translate)

[Suggestion] Go to the next image with the arrows keys

Several times I saw images of a game and I like to give them a quick look and move on to the next but the problem is that my mouse is defective and I would like it to be possible to move to the next image with the arrows keys

Do not know if this is difficult to implement but it is something so simple and so useful that I think would be a good addition to the page

When you want to stop making games...

I'm sure I'm not the only one that this happens, when you're creating a game and think: Is worth continuing with this?

I know what you gonna say , take a break and come back when you can, but when I return to a game after so long I lose the " inspiration " and I have to start from scratch

Any advice ?

Oh, and sorry for any errors, I'm using google translate

About bans...

Sorry for this kinda stupid question but I've seen a lot of people banned and want to know if the admins are very strict with the rules

I say this because in many forums they can ban you just for saying "fuck"

About game demos....

Is recommended to upload a beta (or demos) of your game?

I mean, that way you get more inspiration for your game, and you can fix any bugs that somebody could find...

But personally, I think the game should have at least 20-30 mins of playable content...

Btw, sorry for my bad english...

Another "Hello" topic

Hello, I started with RPGMaker 2K (around 2010) and now I'm using RPGMaker VX,

I have not finished any "big" projects but I'm working on a simple rpg right now, hopefully I will have a playable beta in 2 weeks

I like RPGs and some of my favorites are Final Fantasy I, IV, V, Diablo II, Morrowind etc.

My english isn't my first language, sorry for any errors
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