Hey! i like to play some smooth games :)



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Yes sure, i'm going to send you a pm!

=) greetings.

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Hola que tal Kalia! por favor hazlo =D me sentirĂ­a muy honrado y pasame tu canal asi me suscribo y tal.

Saludos y gracias por tu interes en mi juego =)

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=) i send the reply! thank you.

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Sorry for not been active for the latest months...

:O In portuguese you say Yuriko? that would be wonderful!

:D pls PM me and ask me for the necessary to do it.

thank you very much for comment! :)

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I hope you like it! and of curse i will waiting for you impression of the game!

Thank you for playing.

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Hello! Alice jeje i'm going to tell you, but by PM because i don't wanna to spoil someone :D and thank you very much for play the game!


RBG Colors Review

Thank you for the time that you spend in this review!

RBG Colors Review


this a big nice review! thank you very much for do it :D i'm really happy that you have a little fun playing the game, and yes, certain points are really helpful especially the grammar one, i'm not native as you can see, but well...

So, i'm going to read it again and fix some quickly error that you refers in here because, as you say this was an experiment/tribute game :) and i been aiming to do some others in the future.


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sorry my bad! let me fix it...

is available now!

thank you for play it.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Thank you!!

:D looks great now, and yes you are right its freesound.org sorry for that.
And again, thanks for the help! this is really helpfull so i'm going to try
the submit again!

Greetings :)
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