Hi, I'm Stephen, lead designer of OMNIS - The Erias Line.

Aspiring game-dev, societal drop-out, coffee drinker, chain vaper. Pixel tweaker. Location maker. Character dreamer-upper.

Also a part-time Parallax Mapper available on commission.
(contact me re: commissions at elder71@hotmail.co.uk)

ALSO - I like reviewing games. If you're looking to get your game fairly reviewed with constructive criticism/feedback, PM me or email me or otherwise contact me telepathically. My messenger-pigeon service is out of order following an unfortunate incident that involved a jumbo-jet engine.


OMNIS - the Erias Line (...
A story and character driven RPG featuring a variety of game play and key decisions that influence how events unfold. (Smaller, "no rtp" version available.))

Review List :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

Things I have or may in the future review.

Creator Deleted This
Waited Years for Lazy Reviewers to Never Review
Face off against a mysterious group of demons and slowly find out the truth behind them.
Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.
Bleeding Moons
Bleeding Moons is an interactive story about fate, duty and free will.
Nsala Liberation
An amazing African adventure.
Where End Times Saddest ...
Forest Map Madness
The Journey
The Journey of young Ralph as he aims to defeat Adick Hitler and his Nazi army.
Radiant Blade
Travel in search for memories with your villainous brother
It all started here.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~
The Dragon Legacy
you find out that you have the right to an inheritance, but first you have to find it ...
Black Galax: Revert
Welcome to the scientifically advanced country Cliva! Where the strange and paranormal flies under the commoners radar...
Intertwining storylines in a land of steam and broken dreams
Celestial Tear: Demon's ...
Join Sen as she finds herself thrust into the middle of conflict, discovering the mysteries about herself, and the true history of Hasphal and its inhabitants.
Battle of the Heavens
When the Demi War ends, a valiant Magnus Zarkodius goes on a quest to end the chivalry once and for all. He must unravel the cause of the war.
Graceless Reminiscence
Does the cycle of war merely exist for humans to preserve "peace" and "stability"?
Delusions of Duty
Two swordsmen clash. Only one will walk away.
Titan City
A sci-fi roleplaying game based on deep character development & Game Mechanics
Ark: Of Light and Darkne...
A classical reimagining of an older generation of RPGs, focusing on the duality of a world.