Chapter One Release

If anyone wants to only install an OGG codec (and not an entire codec package), you could download an installer from this site:


This should work for you if you get a billion error boxes.

The fire always burns

Common sense
... This isn't the site's fault it doesn't interest you anymore. This is your own fault for joining this site in the first place, ...
The way you stated it on your one topic, makes it seem like this site isn't any good, and it is it's fault and maybe the other members, when it is 100% your fault for even coming on, and contributing like you have with this project. You really should've just looked away and not done a single thing, if you give up on sites so easily. ...

I don't follow this... Why do you speak with the air of someone who has contributed a great deal to this community, when you have not? And why do you try to paint one's presence on RMN as a kind of a long-term commitment?

I don't believe that you have yet earned the right to patronize someone as you have tried now. Also, I find it funny that it is now a "fault" to contribute something. By your logic, no one should even try to sign up for RMN, because most incoming developers would have a very high chance of turning over.
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