lmao, count me among those who were confused. orz

I think this is a good idea. You will be able to reach more players this way, and you basically already have your assets finished.

Maybe instead of being "cancelled", it should be on hiatus?


Hiyo, I thought I would post this linky here too:


This is a pretty simple codec package that you could install on Windows, it will allow RPG Maker to play OGG files without crashing with a billion error boxes. :P

It's just an OGG codec; it isn't a whole codec pack.


Ahh very well... I likely missed something in the tutorial then, which might also explain why Jawbreak was not working for me either.


I've found some bugs as well...this may help you to find your combo issue.

1. My combo finishers sometimes failed to chain with certain skills...such as three Headbutts were always able to chain into TriDrills, but if I tried to do so with three Cleaves it would constantly reset itself. I also attempted to use Jawbreak, but in its case my combo gauge would always reset itself as if I had never received it.
2. Sometimes, if I tried to use either AquaShot or EyeGouge after executing a TriDrill (I think this would also happen if I tried any permutation of these), the red/blue indicators would not reset, probably thinking that I was still trying to use my previous combo.
3. I don't really know when this happened -- or if it was on my combo list at all -- but at some point AquaShot had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. I could still execute it, however, so it wasn't as if I had completely unlearned it...

Legend of Zelda: Origin

She means right-clicking your shortcut and clicking "Properties", then clicking the Shortcut tab within Properties, and adding -res 640 480 big at the end of your shortcut in the "Target" text box (i.e. "C:\blah\zelda-w.exe" -res 640 480 big). Make sure that you type it after that last quote, though.

Legend of Zelda: Origin

Oh wow... I am definitely going to have to play this sometime either this week or next! I love the detail that you put into your maps.

Your YouTube videos also really add a lot to generating interest. :)
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