Religion in games

I was talking with a friend yesterday about video game stories, when all of a sudden, we started to discuss religion as a central theme of a story. I proposed that it can help to add depth to a story if it was done correctly, but he countered that religion was beginning to become overused in video games as a "cheap" element. Kind of like how Xenogears and/or Evangelion used massive Christian symbolism as an exotic form of "coool!", which I found hard to disagree with.

As my game's storyline is QUITE religious in its nature, this subject interests me greatly. What does everyone think of how religions are handled in video games, either today or before? In what way could writers who create religious stories (in general I guess -- not just video games) improve upon them? Aside from what I mentioned before about cheap symbolism, which is something that I didn't understand about both of those stories I mentioned above (and something I don't understand about their fanbases in general...but I digress, this is unrelated).

Well... Here I am, again.

Hi again, everyone!

I thought that I should make a "return" post, since I haven't exactly posted here a lot within the past half-year. I've just recently graduated with my bachelor's degree, so I now have a whole LOT more time now to devote toward my games! Well, that is, until I find a job, but that will come with time, I hope...

I'm currently writing a design document for my RPG (which I will call "Eden" for now), of which most of its gameplay has already been designed and detailed! I made Eden's gameplay the subject of my university thesis, which I suppose is one good way to motivate yourself to complete it...heh. :P

But, it was fun, and I think that I ended with a nice basis for my game.

Aside from Eden, I am also planning to write several game design articles, using my experiences and knowledge from media school. I hope to share anything that could possibly help any of you with your designing needs!

Well... Here I am.

Hi everyone,

My name is ElectricalKat, and this is my second venture into the RPG Maker community! (My first was quite a long time ago, I think back in 2001 - shortly after RPG Maker 2000 was released.) I left the community back then for...a number of reasons, but now, I have a completely renewed interest in game making. Primarily, I chose to start again with this site because it seems much more interesting than other sites of its nature... At least to me. :P

Currently, I am planning a medium-sized platformer game kind of similar to Castlevania in its gameplay mechanics, but of course with different material. The engine that I'm scoping out for this guy is called Scirra Construct, which I hear is a bit like Multimedia Fusion in its workflow. If anyone has questions regarding it, please feel free to ask me!

Also, I have to confess to something that I may have done wrong, already. (Ugh!) I created two accounts both yesterday, and today ("Electrical_Kat" and "Dragon_Angel") thinking that I could add a space in between the two words, but I guess the registration form did not like spaces. I even thought that my account existed within some kind of weird quantum state of existence and non-existence! (Well, I know better now...) I'm very sorry about that little accident there. If you site admins want to purge my extra accounts, I would rather like keep this one.

The Electrical Kat
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