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[RMMV] [REQUEST] Lunar Productions Looking For Help For ARPG Starchild

Lunar Productions is looking for people to help create STARCHILD, a Soulsborne inspired ARPG for RPG Maker MV.

You crash-land on a mysterious lost area in space known as the Nexus, meeting only one other person, who seems to know a lot more than most people would. They grant you the task of killing the Great One, a being who created the Universe, but is planning on destroying it. With nowhere else to go in the vast emptiness of space, you accept the task, exploring a psuedo-open world to get to your destination. But the journey won't be easy. Mysterious creatures lurk throughout this lost world, and will not hesitate to kill you. Prepare to die in space, where no one can hear you scream.

STARCHILD is a Soulsborne inspired action-RPG, utilizing an Action Battle System to keep the action constant. The levels will level as you level, to keep the adventure challenging for the player (though of course, fair). Exploring the world around you is viewed in overhead while cutscenes and checkpoints are shown in sideview. Levelling up isn't done through experience, and healing items are capped. The player can start at any of four locations, with your actions in one affecting all of the others (enemies harder, different events, etc.)

Due to the ambitious nature of the project, many jobs are needed.

Co-director would help myself, who is also the main programmer, handle the team and give out tasks to do in times where myself or them aren't available (due to school, work, family, etc.) They would also help plans out extra features for the game in the future.

The co-writer would mostly help myself and our character writer work on the lore to help shape the land more and make it feel more alive, rather than just a background feature.

Pixel artists are needed for backgrounds, tilesets, and characters. They would communicate with the writers and directors to design the world and character models. We need artists for both overhead and sideview.

Lunar Productions hopes to hear back from those interested in the project, STARCHILD!
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