So I didn't encounter any more bugs after the one I mentioned, which is a good thing. I finished the game last night, and I loved it. Took me more than 10 hours since I tried to do everything, but I missed a chest in the last dungeon still. I did do the optional dungeon.

Anyway, the writing is phenomenal. The dialogue and character interactions really made me care about each and every one of the up till the very end. I felt that the game's plot is progressed by the characters actions, instead of vice versa. Again, a good thing...when you try to have a story lord over the characters, it's harder to connect with them and sometimes their actions don't make sense (ie doing something specifically so the plot can progress forward).

I didn't like the ending though. Here's why.

I don't think Lukas deserved to die. That was just a punch in the gut and completely unfair to the character. The guy had a shit hand dealt to him pretty much his entire life-- forced to kill innocents, then moves to live in isolation while being hunted by his old allies, then wakes up to find his pregnant wife, too heartbroken to reveal this fact, then he's stabbed by Zach and later killed at the end.

I felt that near the end in his cabin before going to Inchor, he finally had something to live for and that was his newfound friends. He finally fit in somewhere and had people that deeply cared for him.

Now then, the entire plan to turn Inchor was a bit...off. Firstly, Vorian was a crazed madman and leaving him unsupervised like that was out of character. If anything, he should have been killed, not imprisoned, for all the crimes he committed. I'm supposed to believe that Brice is able to turn an entire population/race of Humans against him and Adray just through a speech? I really don't buy it. There would surely be soldiers still loyal to the other Vanhearts and all he has to do is bribe one of them to assassinate Brice and let him free. Oops, we're back to where we started.

Lukas' death hit me harder than anytime Game of Thrones has ever killed beloved characters. I suppose that's a good thing, showing that I actually cared about your characters and writing enough to shed a tear at the end. But I was more angry than sad because I wanted a happy ending for him, and it felt like the game was headed that way.

Maybe you can make an alternate ending where he lives.

Penumbra Crystallis

Blackmoon Prophecy 1 reminded me of FF1-FF5.

Blackmoon Prophecy 2 reminded me of FF6-FF9.

Blackmoon Prophecy 3 should be like...Xenogears! No, that would actually be awesome.


Loving this so far. Didn't realize it would be complete so soon.

I did run into a bug. In Heimhold, Vivian was killed by one of the soldier mobs so it was just Lukas vs an Officer enemy. The Officer somehow got stuck in an endless loop of using Stun Rod on Lukas, so I was never able to get a turn and had to restart. Of course, this scenario is rare but I wasn't paying attention and darn one of my party members is dead.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

EDIT: Nevermind the below. I didn't realize you had to move when the monster wasn't looking.

Pretty sure the Chapter 11 minigame with Borghetti trying to get the key while avoiding the monster is glitched.

Sounds like the same stuff people have been talking about here with the bike minigame, but I had no problems with that and I just can't get past this. I'm hitting the button at the middle but it still registers as a miss. COnversely, sometimes when I hit the button outside the middle, it lets him move forward.

I think there needs to be a skip minigame function, this is frustrating. :(

Theia is now available in english!

This game is awesome...

BUT so far it's way too easy. I'm playing on Normal difficulty, because I was afraid of choosing the harder one since I just finished God of War PS4 (where Normal was still challenging and Hard was just brutal). Maybe in hindsight, since I've been playing RPGs for decades I should have picked the higher difficulty setting. I do wish you could change it mid-game. Were there any other changes besides less XP?

I'm about 7-8 hours in and have had zero trouble (Chapter VI). Regular mobs are cakewalk and boss battles are easy -- if the boss is not dead by the time my Exceed gauges reach their limit, then the Exceed skill will obliterate them.

Tell me the game gets harder? I think the most difficult part so far was playing as
Nadia and Alison in the slums in Chapter VI, but because I had Grant that section was made easy

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Checking daily to see if it’s done!

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I’ve been looking forward to this for a few years now. Can’t wait for the release! Localization looks really good after watching the video.

[RM2K3] Looking for a certain MIDI from an RPG Maker game.

C-gid89 are you able to upload just the midi (with normal tempo)?

[RM2K3] Looking for a certain MIDI from an RPG Maker game.

Thanks! What I was going to do was run the midi through an MP3 converter, and I didn't know how to convert and save it at regular speed.

[RM2K3] Looking for a certain MIDI from an RPG Maker game.

I'm looking for a tune that I've heard in a few RPG Maker 2000/2003 games before. I don't think it's from any particular video game. The only game I can remember it was used in was Everlong. It plays in the city of Dragonoir.

Skip to 4:10 that's where it starts to play.
Like I said, I've heard it in several games on RM but I can't remember any other ones but this one. Does anyone have a copy of it? The Everlong version is modded to be at turbo speed to save space and I'm having trouble with it. Also, anyone know where exactly it is from? Thanks!