The Way Ep 4 Review

My favorite episode. It went downhill from here IMO.

Forever's End Review

Thanks for the positive comments guys! I hope the review provided you with much solid feedback (which it seems like it did)

Don't worry about the story too much, you don't have to go back and change a lot of things, it would just take time and extra motivation which could be used instead for new mapping and scripting. You COULD do this for the story: instead of starting out in Rikalia Castle with Epoch getting ready to go on a mission, have the game start out with Epoch in the prison cell, talking to the guy next door. Then, have Epoch flash back to where you originally start the game to show what had gone on. This does a few things:

1) Make the story more interesting in this section. The player may suddenly be intrigued as to why Epoch is in the cell of the kingdom he used to work for.

2) The transition from the fight at Levantia would not be so sudden (suddenly Epoch is in the cell!) because it's really Epoch flashing back to the situation.

3) It also stresses the importance of the man in the cell next door, somewhat.

4) If you ever plan on dividing your game into segments (as in chapters or such) this flashback sequence could be like the prologue.

Just a suggestion. This way you wouldn't have to go back and change dialogues, plot devices, etc. because this little change could actually contribute a lot to make the story a bit better, in my eyes.
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