[RM2K3] The dreaded map tree error, but with something else...

So this is the second time I've received the map tree error on the same game. You'd think I'd have learned to make backups but unfortunately I didn't this time around. Anyway, I followed the instructions on this site like I did last time: I replaced the corrupt .lmt and created the same number of maps as I had and then moved them all into the game folder. This is what I did last time to fix it.

This time I ran into an issue with what seems to be the database. Basically, the entire database is blank. No characters made (arrays all at 1) no enemies, no tilesets loaded. The resources are still there but it appears my entire database seems to be absent/lost. All the maps are intact but have no chipsets loaded so they are all black fields.

I know I didn't replace the .ldb file so I'm wondering what caused this and if my .ldb was somehow corrupted along with the .lmt. Am I screwed?

Edit: the game has also become unplayable when accessed from the RPG_RT launcher. Error states it is attempting to access a file that does not exist.

[RM2K3] Looking for a certain MIDI from an RPG Maker game.

I'm looking for a tune that I've heard in a few RPG Maker 2000/2003 games before. I don't think it's from any particular video game. The only game I can remember it was used in was Everlong. It plays in the city of Dragonoir.

Skip to 4:10 that's where it starts to play.
Like I said, I've heard it in several games on RM but I can't remember any other ones but this one. Does anyone have a copy of it? The Everlong version is modded to be at turbo speed to save space and I'm having trouble with it. Also, anyone know where exactly it is from? Thanks!
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