Strangers of the Power

Voice acting; girls moan and groan when they fight!

...Is that porno?

Space Police Vocal Unit SPECTRUM

Looks interesting and really colorful! I'll give it a try later.


Not sure what you mean, but if you're getting an error message about missing files, most likely you need to install the VX Ace RTP ( http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages ) to run the game.

That's the most common issue, if that doesn't help, you'll need to explain the problem a bit more.


I forgot what the number range was, but basically, you pick the number in the middle and keep doing that until you find the right number. That should always work.

By the way, the game doesn't tell you if you ask about the correct number during this phase, so that might throw you off. If the number is 418, asking about 418 will get you the response that the number you picked is higher than the number you need.

Prayer of the Faithless

Yes, to clarify things, I wasn't bothered by Amalie's comment, although I definitely see why argh might be. Since you said that it would look weird if Amalie's answer was gender-neutral, I came up with those other options.

Things that do bother me but that I'll admit will probably be resolved later:
(Huge spoilers for the ending of the prologue, you have been warned)

The knights seem to take it for granted that Aeyr is now evil and controlled and the only thing they can do is kill him, to the point where they completely refuse to hear him out. I'm guessing they're afraid of the prophecy and they expected him to turn into the Revenant for a long time now, so they've already made up their minds, but it looks like an uphill-battle for Aeyr.

- Meanwhile, things are going unbelievably smooth for Mia. The villagers love her, Paladin Jerkface has stepped down and everybody is going to follow her lead, reinforcing all the naive ideals she holds. Again, I'm reasonably sure that this is not going to last, but it still felt weird.

- Finally, Revenant-Aeyrs battle face, because seriously, that grin is scary as hell. :D

Prayer of the Faithless

Regarding Amalie's age, couldn't she just deflect it with "That's kind of a personal question" or something along those lines? Or maybe something about how that's irrelevant to the situation at hand - after all, the scene occurs ar a time when they're making their way back as fast as possible.

I don't think the stack maximum is mentioned at any point in game, is it?

Echoes of Aetheria

I was going to check this out, but then the feature list read like something crawled out of TVTropes.


You'll need to upload that picture to an image hosting service like http://imgur.com/ , right now people would have to walk to your house and look at your computer to see it. ;-)

(Generally, nonograms only have one valid solution. With the way the puzzle is programmed here, even if there was another, the game wouldn't recognize it, because RPGMaker isn't made for nonograms.)


Without Ell1e, I don't know if I can imagine you go to the balcony and jump down to the ground from a high place, like, the 9th or 10th floor, after playing some first stages of the game? :-D

I may have to proofread that post of yours...

Dragnfly made some interesting points about the good ending though. I'll admit when I first played the ending, my reaction was a lot similar. "Wait, what is going on here, so much happening, need a break." When I later went over it again, slowly, to fix the spelling, I already knew what was going to happen and was able to make a lot more sense of it. This actually applied to the whole game, Oliver's introduction seemed very messy to me when I first saw it, but later it worked fine. (Admittedly, that was after some corrections were added.)

What I saying is, this is a game that profits a lot from replaying, because a lot of things become clearer the second time through. There's a good amount of foreshadowing you won't get the first time (and that's even after the typo that made me guess one of the plot twists was removed XD). Obviously, the main problem here is that people might be too confused from the rapid stream of information that is the good ending and the two bad ones to some extent as well), so I can see how that might turn people off the game. All I can say is, it's very short, so give it a second attempt if you feel like it.


Voluntary proofreader here.

I'll freely admit that I may have overlooked some errors and especially awkward phrasings, but what confused me were the cut-off words. I never saw any of this either in the early versions or the final demo. There might actually be some mistake here.

>>> Another strange writing choice is to fill the entire line with "........." instead of just the usual "..."

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