Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



Am I banned from the discord?

I'm quoting your rant for context because it was more than just piracy and drugs (all claims in it are pretty unsubstantiated and really do not reflect the server anyway). Most troublesome to me is you talking about anti-sleep as if insomnia isn't a medical condition.

It always seemed to me you were never happy in the Discord. And the comments about Demon worship really concern me. You go oddly specific; I've never been able to find any evidence for any of this. I think you need help. You know demons don't exist, right? That said, whatever your beliefs, it is NOT, and I repeat NOT, the job of the RMN mods to police the channel based on somebody's personal religion.

RMN community in a nutshell:
-Supports piracy of current gen games
-Anti sleep.
-Pro drug use including use of dangerous highly illegal substances like crack, LSD, and heroin.
-Hates the most mild of mistakes such as spelling errors and puts a game as a 1/10 because of thar but enjoys unfun mechanics and gameplay such as horror/chase segments and jumpscares.
-Huge victim complex.
-Hate boner for being challenged by anything, even when other people are trying to help.
-Extreme immaturity.
-Failing to properly explain situations and drama so that people can stay informed on what's happening so they don't misunderstand.
-Lots of new active members are demon cultists (worship the archfiends like Bael, Asherah, Asmodeus, Astaroth, etc) and aren't facing repercussions or bring challenged.
-Extreme bias towards certain individuals and relentless toxicity towards others.
When did this community get so toxic? First Pokemon now this? Why are all my favorite communities being ruined by toxic extremist inmature fatherless man baby trolls?

You talk about toxicity; though I had few interactions with you you were always nasty for no reason about my games. If I was a newbie or had a thinner skin I'd probably have left after those comments to be honest.

I think you need to step back, stay away from Discord for your own mental health (your nihilistic rants before this were also worrisome) and get back to gammak.

I mean the audacity to complain about your values being diminished and then use insults like the final line (fatherless). Grow up.

Or find a few demons to worship.

Personally I've always been fond of Slaanesh.

How to fake a First Person view for your (MAKER NAME HERE) games!

This is actually incredibly clever. I love how in the editor it is represented as a really simple 2D grid with options for events and whatnot. Brilliant.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Recreations of Sector V from Final Fantasy VII.

Graphics are either Japan Collection or my own.

(Scene from Remake not the original)

(Artistic license)

2021 Misao nomination monthly data

I also refuse to believe there were not more notable games made/released in November?
Sneks and Demons made "new and notable" in November if that counts. Although Frogge is the superior game.

How do you get people to play your game

Just keep your text the normal colour and font, it is unnecessary.

Getting folk to play a game is all about marketing and networking. Probably 20% marketing and 80% networking.

Networking for the most part means just talking to people, being friendly, making connections, and importantly, not pushing your game. I know that sounds counterproductive.

If you make friends on the site they will play your game. If you help people out, give reviews, give feedback where asked for and whatnot, people will come to know you.

The one thing that will stop people from playing your game for sure is to ask people to play it or ask why they aren't.

I once posted a game page here and it got absolutely no attention (since deleted). That was in 2013.

Since joining the Discord a couple of years ago now I like to think I have become sortof well known and at least marignally likable, and as such now when I post a game page it gets views and comments. Still nowhere near as much as I would like, but that is not why I make games, and the people that are now important to me do play my games.

80% networking 20% marketing.

Beefing up a game page

Hey so this is really cool, or really tacky, depending on your mindset.

Using just three PNGs and a CSS rule - no videos, gifs, webms or other animation - I have created an animated background for my next game, Frogge.


The CSS I have used looks like this:

#body {
background: url('IMG1.png'), url('IMG2.png'), url('IMG3.png');
background-size: stretch, stretch, stretch;
background-attachment: fixed, fixed, fixed;
background-position: top-left;
animation: marquee 10s infinite linear;

@keyframes marquee {
0% {
background-position: 0, -1632px, 0; /* 2x image width */

100% {
background-position: -1632px, 0, 0;

your game idea is too big

The main thing this tells me is that people are really undercharging for their (mostly free) plugins, art and requests. Indie game makers get a really good deal and never appreciate it.

Awful haikus

one plus one is two
Two plus two is four quick math
I mathematician

Beefing up a game page


I've also managed to implement browser play, by a cheeky image "button", and have some CSS that makes that button flash on hover:

#game_description div:first-of-type a:first-of-type div:first-of-type img:hover {

display: block;
-moz-box-sizing: border-box;
box-sizing: border-box;
background: url('hoverimage.png') no-repeat;
width: 612px; /* Width of new image */
height: 459px; /* Height of new image */
padding-left: 612px; /* Equal to width of new image */
margin-bottom: 10px;

Basically makes the first image in the first div in the first <a> tag change image on hover. By linking this to the itch game itself I have created the impression that you're playing right there within RMN.

Also spaced out the text with line-height, changed some headers and font sizes, and replaced the top banner:

Animation would be cool.

Also need to improve the download button as I changed the font and spacing by mistake (by applying it to #game_frame).

Wanna graphicalise this sub-menu too:

Beefing up a game page

Hi guys!

As some in the Discord might know, I've been tinkering with the CSS to my game page to give it more pizazz.

I should note I am a weirdo and my design ideal was 1990s geocities so the only thing I lack is JavaScript snow. Deal with it. Anyway.

I have currently managed to:

- Create two new side bars
- Add box art in these
- Add LIVE HIGH SCORES ON RMN in the side bar
- Make everything resize and zoom around depending on screen size, using viewport widths, @media and min-widths
- Change the colour scheme of the game page itself

I am wondering where to go next. Obviously, the actual content of the game page is important! I need to make it more graphical, perhaps neaten up the text, and be less text heavy to start with.

With some aspects now relegatable to my side bars I could also clean up the page, as long as I don't go too far and start messing with key elements - I am wary of being RMN legal, I know that the Powers That Be do not want anything changed with the top menu, logos, etc. It still needs to Be RMN. Indeed my side bars may be a push too far but we will see.

I can use my server to generate stats and things for the game and place them in key points. Perhaps things like number of players today. Basically I am doing this by generating PNG images on my server and using them in IMG tags or in backgrounds using CSS rules (none of this actually edits the site; it's just images).

Here's my game page: https://rpgmaker.net/games/12302/

Obviously none of this is an excuse for poor gameplay or a weak game description itself; the game page is just a little project to keep my time at the moment (going through a rough patch right now).

Anyway. I'd love to hear what you think to my spruced up game page and see where you think I can go with this to push it further.

If you would like to use my high scores system eventually in your own game I'd also love to know. It is not public yet, and it is probably terribly coded, but I'd still like to work with you in the distant future.

This image is live:

Disclaimer: though RMN went down after I added my side bars, I am not the reason the site went down. Nothing I have done is any more than adding a CSS rule, which are processed client side and only from MY game page. It's a coincidence. Honest.