Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.




This is pretty. Mostly appreciate the candycane wall dungeon.

Sneks and Demons

Apologies, hopefully that works again now.


I do not know how you did that.


There is a stragegy, which currently works, although as I want this game to be hard as nails I keep tweaking things so that strategies I find are broken...

For now, however, here are some tips:

- You are as fast as every vehicle apart from the top and bottom rows, so jump across these as soon as a car nips by
- For the other rows, they alternate directions
- Jump into a row and immediately hold down that direction so that you flow with the traffic. This gives you time to think; while you are moving with the traffic you are completely safe
- Jump into a gap in the next row and switch direction
- Once you are 3 tiles away from the exit, just wait until a speedy car speeds by then run straight through

This got me to a score of 45 although I still die and am still bad at this game.

Sneks and Demons

I suspect the player is managing to obtain a coin before the parallel process resets the counter - will experiment with this tomorrow although it is hard to spawn the fault to test.

Sneks and Demons

You really need to correct the issue with this game when it only gives 98 coins to collect, and then not let you proceed to the next stage because of that. Has happened in the first stage with me for like 5 times (10 in edited) at least, and also once (twice in edited) in third stage. These are the harder stages too from how far I progressed, so it gets frustrating having to redo them. Can't say beyond stage 9 (I reached it only once, but my score didn't register because you can only push blocks and not pull, maybe do something about that too.) Other than that, it's been fun.
Edit: Okay, I made it all the way to Batslide and cleared it. Except I got a game over. Also, I think my coins got deducted for using the reset puzzle in stage 9, which I wasn't expecting.
Edit II: Okay, never mind about the game over, didn't realize that was stage 11 and it had a special rule. I thought it's the credits, and just clicked exit. And there's stage 12 too now that I checked it out too from the start menu. I do think there should be an exit button in stage 9 too, as it's possible to get trapped without making it to the reset for first-timers particularly. I was checking if that one box on the right has any coins under it and then I got trapped.
Edit III: Okay, I took a break for like 3 hours and managed to make it to stage 11 now, which seems quite hard to clear. Could only catch half the coins.
Edit IV: ... Practicing it separately, it's actually easier than I thought. Though the last stage is less tricky to get.

Bloody hell - thank you very much for your dedication and your more than valued feedback!

You've got far further through the game than I have ever managed, and yes, stages 1 and 3 are definitely the most difficult. 3 actually has a trick to it but I won't spoil that. 1 I have posted a walkthrough for above somewhere (might be in Blog).

Stage 9 I have added an escape for.

Stage 11 - it has at least one ideal-run which I use every time. Although it takes a bit of time it's my go-to starting level now as it's guaranteed to work once you find the line. Until then it is the most frustrating!

Missing coins: I am doing some testing and cannot work out what is going wrong there. For now I have reduced the threshold by 1 for those levels but I am not sure if that is the cause or if the event is not triggering.

I have been working on a stage 13 but for the life of me I can't work out if it is actually completable. I have removed it from the round robin but I have added it to the menu for folk to play around with.

Thank you very much for all your time - I do not think that score will be beaten for a long, long time!

Sneks and Demons

Who is this Ellie person? What are their secret?

Sneks and Demons

Shh nobody will notice

Sneks and Demons

Sneks and Demons

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