Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



If anyone knows of any events on any site starting on or around June 15th, please let me know and I'll mention them in ARPGM#3.

If you've just ran an event and want to showcase the winner(s) that'd be cool too, but upcoming future things are cooler.

Every day I'm souffleing

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

How is it that I can find the password email to an MMO I don't even play anymore, yet I can't find the product key info for RPG Maker XP? x_x

I went through this and contacting support so many times eventually I just pirated it. Bloody DRM. I bought it, I own it, it should be simple.

You know that sinking feeling when your favorite team isn’t doing very well in the standings but you still hold out false hope that everything will be okay in the end for them but it actually isn’t

Go reds! Or possibly blues! Or whatever other teams are available!

is officially a failure. Fancy making a game in a couple of hours and submitting it to the hbg contest? Highly likely to win. I extended the deadline to 23:59 in the last timezone just in case that's why nobody's submitting, so you have like 14 hours.

In the end we've had three submissions, so by default they win the three prize categories.

I have purchased another key and have a key for Multimedia Fusion, too, so will be running a better thought out contest later in the year, hopefully one that's easier to enter and more inclusive.

Dyed my hair blond. That is all.

I read your name as Aryan Game Maker and am now wondering if you have blue contacts.

Went to London yesterday on a train ride. Guy jumped in front of a train at the station, plane nearly crashed at the airport we went past which shut power down on the train, and the theatre I walked past collapsed. All in a day's work #mightbeademon

Just found out the bus I caught while I was there crashed into a tree today trapping everyone on board. Final Destination much?

Doing the local ATM

It's OK, I know how to push it's buttons.

Doing things atm

So if Kentona was driving a tank, and Liberty was driving a tank, and mawk was riding on top of a pogo stick in the middle of Times Square – who would win???

Mawk is only on a pogo stick because he dropped tanks when they became cool.
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