Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



Sneks and Demons

Apologies, hopefully that works again now.

Jingle Jangle Jam

Woop, rushed out a release for Christmas Day! It's unpolished and dirty and also very clunky but here we go. Live high scores at HBGames (soon on RMN).


Highscores: https://www.arpgmaker.com/resources/rudolf-the-red-rose-slain-deer.363/field?field=highscoresEnabled

How do you get people to play your game

Just keep your text the normal colour and font, it is unnecessary.

Getting folk to play a game is all about marketing and networking. Probably 20% marketing and 80% networking.

Networking for the most part means just talking to people, being friendly, making connections, and importantly, not pushing your game. I know that sounds counterproductive.

If you make friends on the site they will play your game. If you help people out, give reviews, give feedback where asked for and whatnot, people will come to know you.

The one thing that will stop people from playing your game for sure is to ask people to play it or ask why they aren't.

I once posted a game page here and it got absolutely no attention (since deleted). That was in 2013.

Since joining the Discord a couple of years ago now I like to think I have become sortof well known and at least marignally likable, and as such now when I post a game page it gets views and comments. Still nowhere near as much as I would like, but that is not why I make games, and the people that are now important to me do play my games.

80% networking 20% marketing.


As a 31 year old.. yeah it seems to!!


I do not know how you did that.

Beefing up a game page

Hey so this is really cool, or really tacky, depending on your mindset.

Using just three PNGs and a CSS rule - no videos, gifs, webms or other animation - I have created an animated background for my next game, Frogge.


The CSS I have used looks like this:

#body {
background: url('IMG1.png'), url('IMG2.png'), url('IMG3.png');
background-size: stretch, stretch, stretch;
background-attachment: fixed, fixed, fixed;
background-position: top-left;
animation: marquee 10s infinite linear;

@keyframes marquee {
0% {
background-position: 0, -1632px, 0; /* 2x image width */

100% {
background-position: -1632px, 0, 0;


There is a stragegy, which currently works, although as I want this game to be hard as nails I keep tweaking things so that strategies I find are broken...

For now, however, here are some tips:

- You are as fast as every vehicle apart from the top and bottom rows, so jump across these as soon as a car nips by
- For the other rows, they alternate directions
- Jump into a row and immediately hold down that direction so that you flow with the traffic. This gives you time to think; while you are moving with the traffic you are completely safe
- Jump into a gap in the next row and switch direction
- Once you are 3 tiles away from the exit, just wait until a speedy car speeds by then run straight through

This got me to a score of 45 although I still die and am still bad at this game.

Sneks and Demons

I suspect the player is managing to obtain a coin before the parallel process resets the counter - will experiment with this tomorrow although it is hard to spawn the fault to test.

Jingle Jangle Jam

Quick update to this event: If you create a game page, it probably won't be accepted until after the event is over. You can totally do it, but don't wait on it, or expect it to be up in time for Christmas.

Considering that you don't need a game page to submit a game for the event, this shouldn't be a big deal to anyone, but I just wanted to make people aware.

If we submit now though we might just get it approved by Christmas 2022.

Jingle Jangle Jam

I have a game prototype made, I am just going to keep refining it now. It is at its heart an arcade game but I want to add some exploration/NPC elements to make it more like an RPG of sorts. Also there are a not insignificant amount of dead reindeer.