is officially a failure. Fancy making a game in a couple of hours and submitting it to the hbg contest? Highly likely to win. I extended the deadline to 23:59 in the last timezone just in case that's why nobody's submitting, so you have like 14 hours.


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Lol I never heard of it. :P
Lol I never heard of it. :P

Please tell me this is sacrasm? It's up there on that banner at the top of the forums, and has been for well over a month.

It's sad to hear no one's submitted. =/ I didn't have anything to submit due to personal distractions, but I kinda wish I did have time to put things together.
In the end we've had three submissions, so by default they win the three prize categories.

I have purchased another key and have a key for Multimedia Fusion, too, so will be running a better thought out contest later in the year, hopefully one that's easier to enter and more inclusive.
If I might suggest, perhaps add a topic in the forums (if you didn't already...) since a lot of people do look through them (and apparently don't notice banners :/ )

I'd also recommend timing it to just after an RMN event so that those who missed out on that event can jump into something new - and it'd not be out-shadowed. At least, if you're aiming for RMNers to join in. ^.^;

Some other sites to show off include RMW and RMRK. I know that those two are both forums that are pretty lively. Not sure about other places, but RMRK did recently hold its own contest (as did RMW) so it might have just been bad timing. >.<;
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