Weekly Game Jam RPG Maker Stealth Game

Hi, I made a game for the weekly game jam 160, you can play it here.


Download link doesn't work :(

I uploaded the game to itch.io


Ghost Lantern

The game moved to itch.io here is a link.

I will continue updates from that site.


Actually no lol, and it definitely did not have shaders so the sine-wave effect would not exist. Also I think I went over the color pallet limit.

I think its more like a wild ROM hack for VBX (Virtual Boy X).

Ghost Lantern

Thanks for the comments and feedback. I've been really busy lately so I apologize with the late response.

Ghost Lantern Review

First time making a game and I understand its not up to standards but I learned a lot. Thank You for taking time to review this.

Next game will be better.

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I made a game disk with rm2k3 but their is a small issue when installing, all the font is ??????????? and unreadable during the setup. I think it might be harder to install that way (which includes the RTP) than just unzipping the download and installing RTP separately.

I'll try figure out what the ?????? marks mean exactly and then post up some screenshots to help users but for now I'll post a link for the RTP in the main post.

Sorry about this small issue guys but at least overall the game download is solid.

Ghost Lantern

@Yello Magic:
Sorry about that. I will work on this soon and update the download link with a version that includes the RTP so you don't need to install it but for now maybe you could get the RTP here.


I'm sure you can google it and find some other downloads for the 2k3 RTP but I get your point, its bothersome to have to download and instal 2 things.

Thanks for your feedback guys! (^_^)

Submited game still in Pending

Thanks for the great help (^_^).

Ghost Lantern

Thanks for your comments!
I added the download link to the standard profile. please report any issues with the link if any, A friend of mine tested it out so as far as I know it works just fine.

Hope you enjoy the game (^_^)/