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The game moved to itch.io here is a link.

I will continue updates from that site.

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Thanks for the comments and feedback. I've been really busy lately so I apologize with the late response.

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I made a game disk with rm2k3 but their is a small issue when installing, all the font is ??????????? and unreadable during the setup. I think it might be harder to install that way (which includes the RTP) than just unzipping the download and installing RTP separately.

I'll try figure out what the ?????? marks mean exactly and then post up some screenshots to help users but for now I'll post a link for the RTP in the main post.

Sorry about this small issue guys but at least overall the game download is solid.

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@Yello Magic:
Sorry about that. I will work on this soon and update the download link with a version that includes the RTP so you don't need to install it but for now maybe you could get the RTP here.


I'm sure you can google it and find some other downloads for the 2k3 RTP but I get your point, its bothersome to have to download and instal 2 things.

Thanks for your feedback guys! (^_^)

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Thanks for your comments!
I added the download link to the standard profile. please report any issues with the link if any, A friend of mine tested it out so as far as I know it works just fine.

Hope you enjoy the game (^_^)/

Stones of Destiny - The Final Return

This game is too fast, confusing and to be very honest with you I think it sucks, sorry to be an asshole if this is your first project but I really think you should kill the fast paced nonsense and make something other people can understand, I know it took you 5 years and English is not you're first language but this is just my honest opinion, also I really disliked the mapping and the very weak plot and terrible-not-even-funny jokes.

Here's what you need to do:
You need to re-work the mapping, look at nature nothing is all paced together in a straight line, go download some maps and edit them a little to have at least some kind of creative look.

I personally think rtp is for beginners and should never be used to make a real project. I understand if this is your first project and you have absolutely no spriting skill e.t.c , again, go download a bunch of resources and learn to franken-sprite soon enough you'll be good enough to make your own sprites from scratch. that's how I learned.

The characters need to be let to express themselves not just bla bla bla battle scene bla bla fast-pase cut scene, green tint, random voice?

If you want it to be about some guy hearing a voice don't just tint the screen green and throw in some useless dialog be a little creative, why not have a shadowed sprite appear every once in a while but made so you can't tell who it is, use some parallaxes of fog effects to add some spookiness e.t.c, you're creating an interactive experience!

I found your jokes extremely horrible to the point that I was not even slightly amused only disturbed and confused, if you don't get humor leave it out entirely don't just add silly things to make up for it. If you don't get English get someone who knows to translate and test your game thorougly and who also knows your language so this whole "lost in translation" excuse is out.. I think I've bitched enough...

I really hate myself for doing this and I am very sorry if I've pissed you off/offended you but I just had to tell you this so we get less lame-typical games on this site. I'm showing you respect doing this because I think you have some potential to make this game at least remotely enjoyable.

Seraphic Blue (English)

thanks for everything, good to have a great game like this translated. ^_^


When you said "I've tested the code, and it works on the 360" I was like cool you tested your code all the way round... then I saw 360 Controller!

Your the man!
(360 controller capabilities! I'm still drooling)

looks good, must have been hard work.
Good the source codes up like Pasty mentioned it would its a great learning experience already.


Wow, this game looks sick, for your first game you really made it worth while, 20+ hours! I'm inspired ^_^
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