I think its the middle part not moving with the rest of the body.

I see but its hard tweaking this without it looking awkward, maybe I should go look in detail at some sprites moving.
Do I make the shirt lift up and down on the leg thats moving up or should I try just heavily tweaking the color or both? Thanks

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you know, when i read that
i totally thought you guys were talking about this

they share the same name as the bird kiwi in New-Zealand but its like a rat-chicken mole thingy!
Bet you its skins tasty mmm lol

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I don't eat the core. but then, I don't eat melon rinds, orange peels, banana peels or eggshells either. I am weird that way.

who the hell eats egg shells!?

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I can eat a whole naked garlic so an apples no big deal, plum skins taste bitter though.


need some help, is it me but somethings a little off can't figure it out...Do I need to create a new thread in the help section?
Guess its o.k...might be something with the jumper...

Sup guys

sup, enjoy VX its really easy to get used to, you could turn one of your novels to a game if you feel like which could be fun. If you ever get big with that I'll remember your games more though lol ( not much of a novelist ). Good luck.

post your picture

isn't strangeluv a boy?
I dunno what gave you this impression...

Maybe I will be less freaked out by Emanzi's statement if he posts a picture of himself...

I would have never have posted my picture as I prefer to remain mysterious as the weird-temple-face guy
, starting to think this was a set up lol.
First one was a minute ago, second a year ago third was too drunk to remember.

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Note, the following might get a bit corny...

Its always worth creating something from total scratch and sharing it with friends, I'm also for 100% customized and original games however I'm still a newbie ( have alot to learn ) regarding e.g you who's been in the game for 11 years ( wow, thats inedible no matter how "guilty" you might feel about this ) but then again if you really don't enjoy it anymore genuinely then theirs nothing you can do but maybe finding some new hobbies or something but if you just feel disappointed maybe you spent so much time making a great game and after you got all the praise and recognition you where like "so what now?", might feel disappointed or something but the entire point is do make something you love and to enjoy what you do regardless of opinions.

The whole point of anything indie is to be independent and make or do something thats rewarding on its own and that you genuinely enjoy.

I feel like I'm going to make rpg games for the rest of my life because I can't do anything else that gives me the sense of enjoyment and inspiration from creating worlds, characters, making up a story ( as well as escaping in others and my own imagination ) me and rpg games are pretty much soul-mates.

Anything is possible thats why I love rpg's they are so free in terms of escapism and adventure. Apart from that I also get down when I make something and feel like I wasted my time e.g it gets frustrating and challenging but this is also what makes it worthwhile when you finally fix that bug thats been messing with your battle system or tweak the sprite you never thought would work out. It all pays off cause once you're gone nothing will be left but the legacy you left behind somewhere deep down in cyber space lol o.k might not sound like an achievement but it all pays off when you create something that can live on forever.

Trust in your instincts Blitzen, hope you can find something that can give you that sense of enjoyment once again. Hope my little text block cheered you up a little.

Hey! Girl here!

she's deffinetly not comming back now
author=Deacon Batista
A 40 year old lonely man must be pretty retarded if he comes to a RM site to get some sexual kicks...
lol, maybe she finally figured we're mostly rpg nerds here.

Hey! Girl here!

terrifying muscles

sum funny shit!

*Hides under bed.*
what's with those reactions she looks great

dude even batista's not that ripped!