Weekly Game Jam RPG Maker Stealth Game

Hi, I made a game for the weekly game jam 160, you can play it here.

Submited game still in Pending

I submited a game called Ghost Lantern. It has been in pending for almost a week now. How long does this process take? Is their something I am missing?


Bye. This will be my last thread.

Bye. This will be my last thread. nothing personal, this is a good site and I liked most of you here and your discussions about the after-life. video games and the welp forums. My reason for leaving is I think I've generally lost interest in the threads and games here. I wont be participating in any threads anymore but If I finally complete my project I will post it here... maybe

When I first came here I never checked out the threads but it seems I remember why, lol.

Isometric Maps: Is it really worth it?

I've heard about some rpg maker games that use isometric maps along with an 8 way movement script and an "*octagon" sprite script *to allow the use of 4 by 8 sprites
like this:

If you want this script yourself here's a link to rpg revolution where I got it, I'm not sure but I think you have to be a member to view this page:
8 way and Octagon sprite script

But the reason I made this thread was to ask if its really worth all the time to make isometric sprites as well as heavily edit/create isometric maps

Rpg maker is originally for 2d mapping, the tile-sets will be very difficult to get right in the 2d map style ( i.e their not diagonal for isometric mapping unless theirs some fancy script that takes care of this as well ).
Also their might be a reason why I don't see so many isometric rpg maker games around, could it be that the majority of people prefer 2d style rpg's or is it just that not many developers/designers can handle this style.

I'm really spectacle about this, I've created a custom sprite template which is semi-proportional and I am really contemplating weather or not I should add more realism to the entire game with isometric mapping e.t.c of if I should keep it 2d.

Here is how my female sprite template looks like
Warning its naked.

Would you prefer this kind of sprite in an isometric game or would you prefer it in a normal 2d game?

Edit: Also if you know any isometric rpg maker games please link them for me so I can analyse them.

Virtual World: Love, Robots and Videogames.

Do you guys think its O.K to have a relationship with someone via simulation e.g online dating sites where you only interact through a 3d interface sometimes with a virtual robot?

If the entire world was to go virtual would you prefer living life online with the freedom to be anything you want or do you think this is wrong/fake e.t.c.

Robots today are getting more and more intelligent and human like, In Japan their already developing a robot girl which can be/act as someones self programmed love interest with human/emotional characteristics and development It's also possible these days to have an artificial orgasm but with alot of uncomfortable wiring down your spine recently, in the future this would probably be wireless/less troublesome to hook up.

I also watched a documentary about robots which like babies can develop, learn and "grow" basically you could raise a robot as a child into your dream son/daughter or into a cyborg-killing maniac ( (^0^) mwahaha! ) your choice.

Would you rather live a virtual perfect life with a robot/virtual girlfriend/boyfriend/family/friends e.t.c; a robot child and a perfect virtual/cyborg body.
Or are you satisfied with life today and all its imperfections and say to hell with the virtual world.

Please share your opinions, you can bring in anything about the "Virtual World" I might have left out.

How do I Stop the Rm2k3 Screen Blinking?

When I test my project on rpg maker 2003 the screen blinks ( flashes black ) randomly, it gets annoying, how do I stop this, should I download a patch? If so which patch would fix this problem.

Sprite Comics and Ludicrouse Game Jokes!

Know any sprite comics? recently discovered this site http://www.denny-r-walter.de/comic4-2.html
found some funny video game jokes like this Mario one lol

Religion and the After-Life

I was wondering how many of you believe in an after-life, when you die do you think their is another realm of existence maybe as a spirit or some kind of re-incarnation? If so do you think religion is essential to go to this "better place" or do you believe death is just another phase into some higher dimension or it doesn't matter what you believe it's inevitable/meaningless. Whatever it is I want to know about it, what ever your beliefs or non-beliefs are feel free to share them...

Note: try not to turn this into a hate thread also I'll keep an open mind.

Back again after I think a month now

I'm not new, sorry if the introductions are strictly for hi's and bye's but Its been a while since I last checked out the threads let alone work on my rpg project since its crunch time untill july for me so I might not be around for untill then or at least not frequently.

Besides that hows it going guys? Got some new games to talk about?

Help, Kaduki Sideview Battle System v2.3 Tech Assists Are Disabled!

How do I use 2 Man Tech Assist and 4 Man Tech Attack like in the Tankentai Sideview Battle System where by both party members execute an attack at the same time, typically both of them raise their sword one slashes and the others follow creating a V slash.

For some reason It doesn't work since the skill for 2-Man Tech Assist and 4-Man Tech Attack are locked for some reason, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to use them, I tried making an item that changes your state to 2 man tech e.t.c, also tried to add all the skills in also tried to set the characters HP and stats really high as you can see but nothing helped.

Here's a you tube video of the tech assist I'm talking about, The souther cross move which looks like a 2 man tech assist move but tweaked, also they do the default 2 man tech move with the V slash. This is possible with the Kaduki battle system ( I'm sure their the exact same script just that they use different sprite formats for battlers but I'm sure this is not the issue since I set all my battlers as the script said also they never mentioned anything on the 2 man tech assist settings e.t.c anywhere )

How do I enable 2 and 4-Man Tech Assist/Attack Skills, What can I do? I'f their is a tag or something I'm supposed to add in the database where the skills are or something what is it and how do I set it?

Hope I could get some help with this as I've already gone far making my game with this script and need these skills to work or it would really suck for me... thanks

P.S I don't really care for Flamus or Fire Blessing but if you know how to enable these it might be the same reason or helpful later on...
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