Question about reviews - SOLVED

Sorry about the late response, everyone; I had problems with my laptop (in that my laptop is no longer functional) but I appreciate the prompt responses!

Now that I actually checked under Submissions, I do in fact see the pending review! I don't remember clicking on it previously and hadn't done so this time because the Submissions drop-down doesn't list reviews; I thought it was just for "real" submissions like games and articles. I was also really tired when I edited it, so I probably just forgot how I got to it! Anyway, thanks again and I'm happy to hear that I didn't somehow manage to botch something relatively simple.

Question about reviews - SOLVED

I submitted a review a few days ago and it was pending, then edited it (added a line for clarification), and today I noticed that I could no longer see it from my profile. Does this mean it was rejected? I didn't get a notice or anything so I'm wondering if I did something wrong or if it failed to meet review standards or something; I'm new, obviously, so I'm not sure how this usually goes. Should I just resubmit it?
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