My laptop finally gave up the ghost, so to speak, so I dug out a probably-as-ancient desktop and am back online! I did manage to grab my Geiken saves so my quest to get all the endings continues; hopefully I'll be able to do the lightbridge bit on my own this time.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my review is submitted and pending! I don't know much about the dev side of games so it's from the POV of your average clueless end-user, but hopefully I didn't mangle my thoughts too badly.

Also, now that I got an ending, I can officially say that I'm anticipating the sequel, and the horse from that one vision makes (slightly) more sense.


Finished my first playthrough and am working on getting my review into readable shape! One last question before that, though: Is there a New Game+ or is starting a new game after seeing an ending a completely fresh start? The statue in the first dungeon makes me think that there's something...


I'm so excited about the sequel announcement but had to scroll past it very quickly to prevent accidental spoilers because I haven't finished the first game yet (get on it, me!). Aside from my usual lack of time though, I have a couple of... questions? Bugs?

- I'm trying to find Lerrick so I can finish rounding up the optional companions and I'm mostly sure he's Karen's second-in-command (could be wrong?) so I went into Cranial Bay from Snowtop but the formerly inhabited cave was empty. I reloaded my last save (just inside Cranial Bay) and exited but the screen went black except for the white Castle Bedchamber location text. I could move around but the screen remained black; I could open my menu so I used the Recall Stone and returned to the Late Autumn, which was also blacked out. I could talk to Heldon and move around the map but the ship sprite was now invisible; I could enter locations but Peren's sprite was invisible. Fortunately I had a recent save from before I entered Cranial Bay but I'm now assuming I'm not supposed to go back in?

- Does the pyramid-shaped dungeon in the East Desert seal up after you beat it? I'm missing one Green Key so I checked the maps in the guide; unfortunately I don't remember if I went through the pyramid (this one's on me) and there's currently no way inside.

I've been compiling stuff over my playthrough for my full review but the above seemed worth asking since they're basically the final obstacles before I start the last quest. Peren is lvl 50+ now so I was thinking about trying to finish the game anyway; I've got a good number of Emblems, though not the ones that complement my most-used party. I've been all over the maps and I'm getting antsy for the finale!


Will do, and it's amazing of you to offer; I'd love to be able to leave a real post-completion review because this game definitely deserves one!

At least I finally got around to making an account, so silver lining... ?


I'd love to leave a review but it would be incomplete: I've been playing it over the past few days and I've loved everything from the Zelda-like combat to TES-like lore and interaction but I'm dead-ended at
the lightbridge in Whitewater Cavern after you pick up Mari and Heldon. This may be partially down to me sucking and maybe my keys sticking (though I tried two different ones so that's iffy), but I've also had lag in areas with atmospheric effects, most notably the desert with the sandstorms and parts of Snowtop as well as certain dungeons with fog/mist. Whitewater, unfortunately, has fog/mist; while the lag hadn't previously deterred me it's making this lightbridge impossible. I've spent an hour+ on it but no dice.

I'm honestly intrigued by this color-based mythology you've got going and I want to see what results from my decisions and which characters survive/get their comeuppance but man, this is killing me. Unless there's some trick to it (which I'm assuming is not the case) I have to accept that unless I decide to bash my head against it in the future I'll never actually finish this game. Which is a pity, not to mention embarrassing, since it's not a battle or a puzzle that stonewalled me but a basic mechanic and my admittedly-ancient laptop.

... But at least what I could play was awesome!
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