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RPG Creator for iOS

£5.99 for a full version. Tempted to have a play and see what can be done since its effectively RPG Maker 2000 reworked. Anyone else going to try it?

The Agarest Series

The prelude sequel is by far the worst - half the content of 1 but no original assets or systems - it's painful. The annoyance is that the generational concept has been a good idea since Phantasy Star III did it but nobody seems to get it into a game that's FUN to play. Has anyone found any examples of it in truly good RPGs?

The Agarest Series

Possibly one of the worst RPG series I've ever encountered, I've suffered through all three titles on the PS3 in this brand and my lord they are bad. Has anyone else encountered the 'joys' of them on console or their mobile ports?

What size IS full screen - Debate

Once upon a time it was easy for games and web pages to be designed at 800x600 and everybody to happily play them in full screen mode, but these days there are as many screen sizes as there are types of machine to play them on. If you want something to be multi-platform then you're looking at working at an even more complex level. This isn't really a problem for RPG Maker, but those constructing games using scratch built or custom games have to think carefully about it before they can even start to work on graphics.

So - what resolution do you as a player consider 'full screen', is it important in a modern day environment to cater to smaller screen sizes (800x600 etc) and does a game even still need to run as a full screen application to be taken seriously?

The legend of heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

I've never seen the level of writing or detail/dedication to characterisation that this series presents. The 'Tales of' games always managed to juggle a good cast, but the level of motivation, backstory and realistic responses to outrageous situations on display here is amazing.

Dark SciFi Suggestions?

'Dark Angel' season 1 was some pretty awesome and well thought out Science Fiction that went to some dark places. Season 2 lightened things off a little however. I recently re-watched the whole show and it totally holds up. A more
Modern Science Fiction show would be 'Almost Human' which pulls some interesting punches and id recommend the 'Dredd' movie too.

Mogspective: Legend of Legaia

I always enjoyed the way monsters defeated became spells - linking all of the magic in the game directly to characters in a cool fashion.

The legend of heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Firstly, I am loving this game and have been playing it simultaneously with Trails in the Sky on Steam, which is also excellent. These titles rank very highly on my personal list of brilliant JRGs and deserve more attention.

Secondly - for players - I appear to have discovered a simple build for Rean (the games lead) that's essentially a win button on most non-boss battles. Equipping him with CP restoring Orbments and an item called 'Domination' that doubles the damage of the first craft used in an encounter, coupled with his naturally high speed and CP restoration allows for the multi-enemy attack Gale to kill most enemy groups in one sweep in your first move of combat as well as refilling CP to full every turn to cover the cost. Gale also triggers link attacks regularly on those that survive to help mop up afterward. I'm playing on Normal difficulty so I imagine that this works on Easy, but doubt it could on Hard mode. Dominion is also a later game drop (Chapter 6 I believe) so you can't just jump right in near the outset and do this.

Is anybody else enjoying this series?

As An Adult, Do You Find Yourself Playing More Video Games At This Age Or Less?

With the rise of mobile gaming via phones over handhelds I've found my average gaming time has increased, though there does seem to be more of a delay between must-play RPG releases on consoles these days - I remember the back to back releases on the PSOne racking up a que of games I HAD to play. As a parent now too I can confirm that sinking considerable time into first Inquisition and then Trails of Cold Steel around family time hasn't been too much of an issue either.


I remember being amazed at how some attacks seamlessly triggered cgi cutscenes mod battle on the PS2, and loving the refinements on the already awesome combat system from the original.