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The Agarest Series

Possibly one of the worst RPG series I've ever encountered, I've suffered through all three titles on the PS3 in this brand and my lord they are bad. Has anyone else encountered the 'joys' of them on console or their mobile ports?

What size IS full screen - Debate

Once upon a time it was easy for games and web pages to be designed at 800x600 and everybody to happily play them in full screen mode, but these days there are as many screen sizes as there are types of machine to play them on. If you want something to be multi-platform then you're looking at working at an even more complex level. This isn't really a problem for RPG Maker, but those constructing games using scratch built or custom games have to think carefully about it before they can even start to work on graphics.

So - what resolution do you as a player consider 'full screen', is it important in a modern day environment to cater to smaller screen sizes (800x600 etc) and does a game even still need to run as a full screen application to be taken seriously?

The legend of heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Firstly, I am loving this game and have been playing it simultaneously with Trails in the Sky on Steam, which is also excellent. These titles rank very highly on my personal list of brilliant JRGs and deserve more attention.

Secondly - for players - I appear to have discovered a simple build for Rean (the games lead) that's essentially a win button on most non-boss battles. Equipping him with CP restoring Orbments and an item called 'Domination' that doubles the damage of the first craft used in an encounter, coupled with his naturally high speed and CP restoration allows for the multi-enemy attack Gale to kill most enemy groups in one sweep in your first move of combat as well as refilling CP to full every turn to cover the cost. Gale also triggers link attacks regularly on those that survive to help mop up afterward. I'm playing on Normal difficulty so I imagine that this works on Easy, but doubt it could on Hard mode. Dominion is also a later game drop (Chapter 6 I believe) so you can't just jump right in near the outset and do this.

Is anybody else enjoying this series?

[RMVX ACE] [RM2K] Smaller scale chipsets in VXACE?

I've just received a copy of VX Ace and was hoping to create a game using the same size tiles as in 2000 as I have amassed large library of original graphics in that ratio for other non-rpgmaker projects (making use of the full colour ratio). I see that VX Ace uses boxes roughly four times the size (squared) of 2000 and wonder if there is a way to still use these old resources within the maker?

Pre-demo play testers?

I've been tinkering with a casual game project titled 'ward' designed to replicate the experience of a pen and paper RPG and throw-back to early video games RPGs. As a team of 1 I'm working on it between projects at work (built in Multimedia Fusion 2) and don't feel ready to release an official demo as yet, but am looking for a small team of beta-testers to provide feedback.

If you're interested in play-testing an early build of an original turn based system and dungeon crawl with elements of text adventure designed to play like a pen and paper RPG (its a niche!) then contact me on RPGMaker.net by dropping me a message and I can provide screens, more information and a rough build to play via email.

This game uses no unoriginal assets of any kind, every aspect has been built specifically for this game.

Suikoden Series on PSN

As a UK resident, finally getting to complete a copy of Suikoden II when it was released on Playstation Network made me realise how damn good the series really was - my only experiences had been the original and 4, and the second instalment just blew me away with its quality of writing and scope. I'm currently playing through 3, and loving that too. Is anybody else rediscovering the series on PSN at the moment?

RPG Reviews Blog

I got a little bored whilst up in the middle of the night a few months ago and decided to pen a review for a game I'd been playing at the time. Well one thing led to another and soon I was keeping a blog of RPGs I'd played to completion and then reviewed. It's a little site called My Boxed Universe, and it may be an interesting read for some of you. There's also a couple of articles and some developer interviews I've picked up along the way. As an unwritten rule it updates on a Saturday.


Stellar Evolution - Some Community Fun!

I'm putting together a little sci-fi rpg with puzzle/adventure game elements thrown in for good measure called Stellar Evolution (see page here)and was wondering if I should do something fun with it and open some aspects of it up to the community here at RPGMaker.net. This is after all a great site that I have enjoyed for years, and it'd be cool to get some fun interaction going.

Because of this I've decided to use a face construction site called 'Face your Manga' for my character's face shots in-game and was hoping to include members of the site and forum users as NPCs. All you'd have to do to get into the game is go to the site address below and create yourself then post your preferred character name and that picture into this thread. I'd then add it into the game. No limit on entries, but I will try to be fair before doubling anybody up.


As far as I am aware nobody's done this in the forums yet, so I get to be the first to suggest it. I may make slight alterations to your character's clothing choices if they are in a uniformed environment to match games tone, but promise to leave all face decisions to the community :)

The White Knight Chronicles Series

Riding off the high of playing through 'Dragon Age 2' I popped in and finally played through the original White Knight Chronicles for PS3, developed by the brains behind a couple of my favourite newer and more imaginative RPGs ('Dark Chronicle' and 'Rogue Galaxy'). I thought it was alright, and certainly not deserving of the bashing its recieved since launch. I'm running around in the secret tunnels under Balandor in White Knight Chronicles 2 at the moment and whilst the sequel isn't much more than 'more of the same' it's still not as bad as some games I've played through. The characters are alright and the story keeps the game rolling along. I'd say the MMO influences are evident and debatable, but overall the game features some good innovations - especially the implementation of 'Power Rangers' style giant mecha ala 'Escaflowne' into the battle system. I know there's a third prelude tale on the PSP too, but am yet to buy it. I'm wondering what others think of the series?

Tactics RPGs!

Let's get a bit of chatter going over something people enjoy - with an enthesis on what we like rather than dislike about games. What Tactics RPGs would people say is the best they've played and why? It can be any game on any system - with no bashing since this is based entirely on personal favourites :)
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